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UF1000 & UF GTR Skins
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UF1000 & UF GTR Skins
Post skins here for the: UF1000

  1. ONLY Post Finished Skins
  2. If you have a screenshot, please post the skin file also (not a requirement, but would be nice).
  3. If you have the files hosted elsewhere, please DO NOT use [IMG] tags for screenshots, etc. It will make the thread load slower for 56k users.
  4. Try to keep the chatter to a minimum, new people are viewing this thread to find themselves a nice skin, they don't need to scroll through pages of text to finally find something. If you want to comment on someone's skin, that is fine, but please... everyone is exploring their own creativity and personal tastes, so be supportive.
Thank You, and happy skinning! :cool:
#2 - (SaM)
(E-Z.BasTi) DELETED by E-Z.BasTi
#3 - Bean0
Mini Cooper Style.

Public skin, feel free to use it.
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UF 1000 Mini cooper skin:

Preview & Download

Also mini cooper skin pack at the same site.
Shiner Bock UF GTR.

Shiner Bock UF 1000.

here's my banger racing skin, took about 4 mins, and looks as though it did!
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#9 - Rob76
yet another red Cooper skin

Rob76 personal and public versions for UFR

rename both with UF1 prefix for use with UF 1000....
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UF1000 Cooper.jpg
my 2. Skin only for fun... Calvin And Hobbes

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UF1_DEFAULT calvin.jpg
Hehe, nice... I love calvin & hobbes...

"My brain always rejects attitude transplants..."
here is herbie
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Here's my UF1 and UFR skins. I still love the Weebl and Bob skin, btw.
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Quote from Marsdawn :my 2. Skin only for fun... Calvin And Hobbes

Fantastic - Calvin & Hobbes rule!
Really like your skins Resound. Unusual colours but they work well together.

Anyone have a template (with layers) for UF GTR?
Quote from deggis :Anyone have a template (with layers) for UF GTR?

Go and register with and search the template! I believe they have templates for every car and they are VERY usable.
My first skin
UF gulf:
I had Porshe 908/3 Targa Florio 1970 to look at. It's OK to use

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heres my skin for the ESL summer cup
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is that a W.I.P Progress or are u gonna put the skin.jpg on there?
its my personal ESL skin so no,but if theres interest ill make a public version
im interested i luv the VW decal on the rear

UF1000 & UF GTR Skins
(954 posts, started )