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High resolution FZR model
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#1 - ZORER
High resolution FZR model (fixed)
Hello guys,

I've been working on this for long time but only on my spare times.But finally it's ready to publish. I made a high resolution FRZ model (over 1.000.000 tri-faces)based on low-res cmx model for your better renderings or texture shows. It needs a rear wing but can be easily added from the original cmx file. The interior is still low-res but not much important since you'll not take an interior shot . And i forgot to add a meshsmooth modifier to the brake calipers, just add it is modeled to prevent inaccurate faces after meshsmooth. Here're some screenies i rendered but you have to make your own texturing because it wasn't possible to make a compatible file with the renderer i used.

Please feel free to use it for your scenes built for texturing showcases or for fun. And i'd be happy if you add a small hint "modeled by zorer" to your final image.

Here's the download link for the fixed mesh :
it is in 3ds format.

And please drop here a link to your nice renderings.
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fzr1 copy.jpg
fzr2 copy.jpg
fzr3 copy.jpg
Nice. Thanks.
#3 - JJ72
Thanks a bunch!
looks good, but fix these parts pls!
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#5 - ZORER
Quote from tikshow :looks, but fix these parts pls!

good spot. didn't notice would look that bad.

edit: i see it happened because of collapsing the modifyers.. will take some time to fix.
#6 - ZORER
I think i managed to fix it. Please re-download it.

High resolution FZR model
(6 posts, started )