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LFSW: comments to hotlaps (WRs)
There is this one thing that has a bit bothered me with hotlaps. As I see it hotlapping is quite lonely stuff to do and there is no interaction with other hotlappers (on lfsw).

So I thought, add comments to hotlaps. In the same way as you can leave comments about news on lfsnews users could leave comments about their own and others hotlaps. Sometimes when you go under someone's hotlap you might want to leave some comments about it (). Obviously one problem would be moderation since hotlapping can get a bit hot sometimes but I think this could be solved with similar "report post" buttons as we have on this forum. This same reporting thing could be used to report shady hotlaps as well.
You can type a message in the SPR , and PM works fine in LFSWorld, and chatterbox, and also racing online & of course these forums. If you want to perhaps ask the hotlapper for a set or just curious how long was spent on that particular lap, just ask.

Sorry Hyperactive nice idea, but personally for me, doesnt really warrant the work involved imo. And i think the majority of people uploading the hotlaps wouldnt use the system. However i could be worng and it could turn out to be useful .... who knows
Yeah, I kinda agree with you (with the useful part)

Not really worth the workload as people may not even use it after all. But maybe the "report hotlap" function might be worth the thought...
Thinking about it a bit more, It could be useful commenting system
It just with the amount of Hotlaps uploaded, would this create a problem ? maybe hotlaps for that get WR or within the top 10 could have somthing. Like i say im not sure how this would affect operation of LFSWorld or complexity to incoperate, but as Victor is planning/working on new LFSworld features or whole site maybe it wont be such a bad idea after all.