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G25 setup
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G25 setup
Hi All, I am having major difficulties in trying to setup my new G25. The steering and brakes seem o.k. but the throttle axis does not seem to want to work
at all. I press the Axes/FF button in the controls page and then the 'recalibrate axes'.I depress my throttle pedal but nothing happens (no green vertical bar at the bottom right of screen) The throttle pedal works in Rfactor and in the 'control panel' so I don't think the G25 is at fault. Has anyone experienced any problems like this, could a reinstall of LFS help?
Thanks, I've looked at the LFS Manual and made all the settings are as shown, I have also written to the LFS Techies without success,they suggest submitting this problem here on the forum as there are alot of G25 users, i did not experience calibration problems with my previous wheel (Actlab FGorce RS) my new pc has Vista and that does'nt support the old wheel.
Hi All, Well the case of the missing 'throttle axis' has been solved by reintalling LFS AND D/LOADING from a different source.
hello, i had the same problem, as i saw on LFS the problem is not on the istall.

The problem is that Accelerate and Brake has the same axis, named RZ in-game. Look on that photo, and the first "Choice".You must remove the Combined

Yea i had that problem too with a momo and my current G25 got it fixed when you go to the logitech gaming profile go to the global settings or something like that then a white box comes up with all these different settings and there is an option called combine pedals and uncheck that.
I hope that helps.
I'm having a slightly different problem. Brand new Athlon AM3 triple core with 4GB ram running Vista with a GeForce 260 GTX graphics card. G25 wheel. Just downloaded LFS.

The gas pedal is stuck full on, unassigned to any control, G25 gas pedal works the brake. I can't change anything. Set up the Logitech Profiler as suggested. No issues with GTR Evolution or GT5 Prologue.

What do I do?
Check the global setup under "options". Uncheck the combined axis box. I don´t use the englisch version, so I don´t know how it is exactly called. Be sure to uncheck it in the LFS profile, too.

Check the axis assignment. To do that click on each pedal at the wheel graphic. There you can asign the pedals i.e. brake to brake, clutch to clutch and so on.
i'm having kind of the same problem i calibrated each pedal went into the profile manager went through every thing and this is the problem the gas pedal wont respond but the brake pedal is the one which is accellerating and the clutch as the brake.
Is there a correction for this?
work for me.

G25 setup
(10 posts, started )