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Only one real-life track
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Ever thought of not being a license but a manpower and equipment problem? Taking the perfectionism of Scavier into account, they would want to make a track right, so that would mean a lot of photos and GPS and other digital data to get and then to get it into their tools. I kind of think, they "fear" that amount of work a bit...
Bathurst would be my choice.
Quote from tristancliffe :.... Cadwell would be a great addition to a sim too...

There is a version for GPL - not sure how accurate(I don't know Cadwell) though.
Spa is one of the tracks i would really like to see, and otherwise well let's say Suzuka. Do like the real circuits with a variety of different corners
yeah being an aussie i would love bathurst but then us aussies would want proper v8 supercars and it would never end

find a nice track that the DTM runs on so we can use the gt cars we have currently
Quote from Intrepid :adding real tracks would only highlight the inaccuracies of the physics model, which are present in any sim. The fact LFS hasn't got any real tracks is probably why it has been enabled to be so strong and not have to come under graphical/design criticism and all that.

Agree with that and therefore vote for Eric to make his own 'like' tracks. That way you get the style of the world's great tracks, but without the armchair motor racing nerds wingeing about how inaccurate they are.

So having said that, a 6.2 KM circuit up the side of a mountain would do just fine, as would a 21km circuit through forests and around castles.
Quote from frokki :Bathurst would be my choice.

Mine too. Absolutely loved it in TOCA3.

But I don't think it would be necessary to implement real life tracks. I imagine it would require so much work and be so expensive that it would squeeze out other projects. But a hilly, narrow fictional track similar to Bathurst would be awesome!
I agree with XCNuse that Bristol would be a great oval to implement. .5 mile oval ftw (but if brake heats are implemented this track would be hell.)

As for road courses I like Road America and Bathurst would be a close second
#35 - 5haz
I want Daytona International Speedway!
Daytona would cost A LOT of money to license.

I also vote for Jacarepagua (in a few months)

The devs could host a track design competition. The winner gets his track to appear in S3
Its all about licencing. At the moment the track is included in the buyable game you need a licence.
Bathurst with the V8 cars would be awesome, that track is simply stunning and that lap was beyond awesome, it needs a new word invented for it. Brillstome lap mate! (Brilliant, Stunning, Awesome)
Mallory Park near Leicester
Great - Bathurst it is

I'll give them a call

That one Spanish test track with a bunch of famous turns!
Quote from atlantian :That one Spanish test track with a bunch of famous turns!

wow.....thanks for making all Americans look stupid with every post, you've ever posted, ever. thanks
I think he means Ascari. I agree with that choice too.
I'd love to see Donington, although it would have to be accurate enough to include the best corner in the country (the Craners were non-existant in the GTL version).
Wow, I'm really impressed how frequently VIR was mentioned! That would certainly be my vote! Beautiful track, nice combination of technical and fast. I know Carroll Shelby would vote for it too...."One lap at VIR is like a hundred at Watkins Glen."

If development time was the problem instead of licensing, it's too bad Scawen wouldn't consider letting the community work on it. I know there'd be lots of people willing to donate plenty of hours to get the tracks they want, and in the end, LFS would be better for it. Kind of like the recent development on engine sounds. Let the community do the work and we all win.

If licensing is the issue it blows my mind. Seems like tracks would want their name out there as it's free advertising... Maybe not The Nurburgring, but some of the smaller ones anyway.
none! Waste of time!

I just don't know a real track that is not boring!
But well I don't know all the tracks in the world!
Quote from ghost racer :

This is our local raceway, it is a very good course. We always have the American Champ & Le Mans cars come race out here annually. I belive it's a favorite among motorcycle racing as well.

^ great you-tube video running the track in a R32 tailing a Lambo ... a9gXE&feature=related

^ what I said
We've been down that road many a time before, but, oh well.

I'll throw Sachsenring in again: Video

Mainly out of selfish reasons (I'm hoping to drive it some time this year), but also because it's a very cool track.

But of course, V.I.R. is nice, Bathurst is nice and many other tracks mentioned before. None of them will make it into LFS, though, unless very, very accurate track data and a license are handed to the devs on a plate.

Now, where did I put my laser scanning gear, again?

edit: PIR isn't really all that exciting, tbh.

Only one real-life track
(178 posts, started )