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XFR Pennzoil
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Very good job on that Pennzoil skin, Mike!
Thanks Guys
This a skin i whipped up, simple but looks good.
It can be used by others but id prefer it if it wasn't edited, number can be changed though =).
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Yes, delete the skin from LFS/data/skins and folders.
If in your options menu you have "used compressed skins" turned on, LFS will convert any jpg skins to .dds, and use those. So, if you delete the jpg skin the dds is still in the skins_dds folder, and the game will use it. Delete the dds skin and it should no longer appear.
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Hello This Is My First XFG Skin
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Heres my second skin. I did this out of bored, there it no point. DON'T EDIT!!
And its not posted to LFSW so sorry. If you wanna post it, feel free. ants:
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Made these yesterday after playing on R: Racing with the Fiat Punto, I changed the sponsors to the ones from LFS though.

You can add your own number to the car, but don't change anything else, please.

Uploaded to LFSW, remove 1024 from files.
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XFG_RR_FP_1600 White.jpg
XFG_RR_FP_1600 Yellow.jpg
XFG_RR_FP_1600 1024.jpg
XFG_RR_FP_1600Y 1024.jpg
I have to say, that's pretty cool what you've done.
Wrc Finland Jyväskylä 2010 XFG

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Skinssit voi hakea tällä hetkellä tästä osoitteesta.
Etusivulla on aina jokin satunnainen skins jaossa.
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Pete Pizza's XFG
The famous Pete Pizza Skin in UF1 is now serving in XFG too.
When the club created by my friend Felipe I decided to make this skin for XFG too lol I convert them into XFG profile skin and take some improvements on low resolution skin to Hi-Res ones.

anyways enjoy it

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Newest Monster Energy skin

just a skin i whipped up
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The shapes aren't so bad, but you could place the decals better in some way.
i did have them further up but didnt seem to look right, i know it doesnt look right atm either but i think cause of the size of the decal.
Thats a point too. Maybe make them a bit smaller, and the transition from rear to side isn't perfect. But it's a very cool Skin, like it sofar.
yer i might try that, haha cheers man
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Hey guys, this is the skin for United Force of Mexico, we have good relations with Monster Enery Mexico.
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here are 2 skins i just make... MOVIE THEME ; Punisher and Hulk...hope u like them

/corti out
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Astra OPC Nurburgring Nordschelife skin made by Mullog

if anyone can put the opel logo in front and behind and the opc behind on side it would be great. Otherwise it's a nice skin
THANKS to Mullog
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Re:XFG Skins
Ok...probably my...third skin...i think.

It's a rather basic livery of the Golf GTi (yes another one) with the following

-Racing Stripes
-Tuning Logo's
-Sponser Stickers
-Links to golf owners club on sides
-Defuser lifted from E92 M3
-LPG and normal fuel filler
-TWO usb ports
-Bodykit on sides
-Lots of logo's =D

So yeh...after being bored by that I hope you enjoy and hope it looks good, and by the way there will eventually be a few interior mods from me...I'm just in the process of failing at it though...*needs to work out how to do shading on gimp 2.0* (pain in arse) but anyway.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy my skin,


Btw:if you are going to edit this I would need an application including what you are going to do with it and what you might get rid of. May I just mention though there will be a version soon without LPG filler cap or stickers or without lpg cap or lpg cap, fuel cap and no stickers.

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XF Skins (All)
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