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Improvement suggestions for the drag strip.
After spending a ton of time on the drag strip yesterday, there are several things that I think should be changed/fixed.

Firstly, the drag strip needs to work like a real drag strip. The cars need to be able to pre-stage, stage, do burnouts, etc. There's an InSim app to handle this right now, but LFS should really do this on its own since the InSim app doesn't seem to be 100% reliable.

The return road should be straight. Having to drive around those small hills of dirt is a pain in the butt, especially in a drag car that doesn't turn for squat.

We need some stands next to the track instead of just a dirt embankment. A timing tower would also be welcome. Right now it's like racing in the middle of a freeway, which just happens to have timing lights.

The two lane drag strip should really just be two lanes. Having multiple christmas trees and 8 lanes is just confusing, and it makes it feel very unrealistic. Also, there should be barriers on the outside of the lanes and wide area of paint to separate the two lanes from each other (right now it's just a single white line).

I'm not sure if LFS has the ability to assign different grip levels to different portions of tarmac, but it would be nice to have water boxes for the lanes, even if they're only cosmetic. Having a "groove" would also be welcome, but I don't think LFS supports that.

There's some sort of bug that prevents adding chalk marks to the start of the strip and parking area.
+1 for having proper drag racing, we'd need the cars for it but the current drag strip is as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle.