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Could someone host a private demo server for me for just 1 night - Dec. 31st?
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Could someone host a private demo server for me for just 1 night - Dec. 31st?
I will have a couple of friends over for a New Year party, none of them LFS racers, so not experienced at all, but would like to play against each other on 3 PCs. I have tried several times before, but for some reason I can't host a race - possibly the work PC...
So if anyone could password their existing demo server for the night for me or give me a new password just for the one night, I would be grateful!
Ideally we would like to be able to use all demo tracks and all demo cars and change number of laps. If not possible, BL1 3 laps, all demo cars, please!
The time we would need the server available is from 16:00 GMT on 31 January until around 4:00 GMT on 1st of January.
Please send me the server name and password in a PM if you can help and a huge thanks already!
well, can't you host a LAN? if they're coming over with their PCs, no need for net connection to race against each other
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You could legally play with all S2 content over LAN
I understand what you are saying, but as I said, they haven't used the game before, so there is no point in joining an existing (S2 or demo) host and ruin other people's games... so we would like to play on a private server just for the night.

S2 or not, the fact remains that I am not able to host a server... hence my question...

and as you can see, I have bought S2...

We probably could have gone LAN as well, but it is possibly too late now (no cables) and also haven't tried that yet, so I figured someone nice who has a server up and running all the time but is sure that they will not play it tomorrow evening could change the password for us for the night...
Thanks again!
How do you connect to the internet? I doubt you are using a way that makes your PC's avoid LAN with the others. Could be possible I guess, but unlikely. Maybe solving the hosting issue would be better, I don't see any positive sides to using a server outside your LAN yet.
I connect to the Internet through a wireless router, this way we have already played with another friend the two of us on existing servers. 3 computers, all connected to the same router. If the Internet connection works, then we could play...

As for the hosting issue, I don't know. The server is visible in the list of servers, when I click on it on the other computer it seems to join, but eventually says that no guest info received / timed out or something similar...
Not sure, as I have also opened the ports required on the router.
I am working on it to try to find the problem, but I am not an IT guru and I thought there are so many empty provate servers out there, someone might help...
Especially as it is for just the one night...
if youre all connected to the same router you are all on a lan ... the same one actually
I'm not sure exactly how to join servers on a LAN in lfs, as I have never tried it. But maybe you can type in the local IP of the host PC in the join specific server thing.
Just host an s2 game with visibility set to local. No need to worry about ports when you're on the same router. Just turn off software firewalls.
i will host it for you if you want
location: north america
servername: Lfs-Host Demo Server
password : (your suposed to have it in your pm box)
track bl1

your able to change track and all demo car is unlock

thx. lfs-host staff
happy new year

Could someone host a private demo server for me for just 1 night - Dec. 31st?
(11 posts, started )