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Frame for Mounting Wheel on?
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#1 - doogz
Frame for Mounting Wheel on?
First off, Hello, I'm new here, Downloaded Live for Speed with S2 licence about a year ago, played it a bit, then got busy with other stuff, didn't have as much time for gaming anymore.

But I've been playing it recently again, and Santa is bringing me a G25 for christmas.

I've got a couple of spare car seats lying about that came out my race car when it was standard, so i'm thinking about knocking together a framework out of small square box section and some MDF, which i'll cover with faux leather or something, to bolt the sliding subframe of the seat onto, and the pedalbox, gear stick and steering wheel.

So i was wondering, has anyone else done anything like this, and do you have pictures of what you done?

If i get a spare half hour today i'm going to try and knock up a quick 3D sketch in SolidEdge and see what it will look like.

#2 - P1lot
#3 - doogz
Excellent, thanks for that, looks like there's a lot of info on there!

Frame for Mounting Wheel on?
(3 posts, started )