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Ability to choose wich lap you do your penalty drivethrough or stop and go
I remember there being a thread about this, but I could not find it.

Anyway I thing ability choose when you make your drivethrough or stop and go would be great.
What brought this up was this. I was driving around Blackwood in a forced pit stop race. Okay, then comes the time to pit, I went to the pits and was not concentrating => drivethrough. And then I proceeded to make my stop, it just went wrong I got only 5% fuel (I forgot to change it before the race and I was almost empty when I came in). Then I thought atleast nothing can go wrong anymore, but how wrong was I. So next lap I went to the pits again, but when I made a stop I could not get any fuel, because I was doing my penalty. Only problem with that is that my car used 3.2% fuel/lap and I did have enough to make yet another lap to get my car refueled so I had to retire.

So this feature would be nice to see added, because I thing RL racers have ability to choose when they carry out their penalties.
yeah, similar happened to me last night. Was having a terrible race, scored a drivethrough, wanted to use it to let a few faster folk through later in the race, damaged myself (for the umpteenth time) then had to do 1.5 laps of crab crawling because my first pit attempt failed due to drivethrough.