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We are the champions! ^__^
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#1 - ekze
We are the champions! ^__^
A-SPEC.RRT won Team Cup and Russia won the Nations Cup!

Also congratulations to Rudi, who won in Individual cup
I'm pretty sure 1st racing won.. they have 991 pts or something in total, and if you take the 2 worst events ( both 0's for them), you'll get 991 pts for them, so.. 1st place » 1st Racing, 2nd » RRT, 3rd » FLP/r, 4th » Speed Core ()

Portugal could of won easily the nations.. we just didn't feel like it

Congrats all, specially Rudi. Good effort there mate!
#3 - ekze
Why should i remove 2 worst events for team standings? I thought that this was only to individual ^.~
Anyway we got 933 points and first place even with removing it...
I completely forgot about OLFSL :Kick_Can_

Bawbag clearly looked like the true winner all season, I guess he lost the chance with missing one too many races.
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#5 - Renku
Quote from ekze :Also congratulations to Rudi, who won in Individual cup

WHAAAAAAAT...Rudi won? :woohoo:

Well done :clapclap:

Estonia FTW
FYI The results aren't official yet (thinking primarily of the team results).
#7 - ekze
Yes... You was right.... =\
But anyway we still won Nations Cup ^__^
Well done Russia! Sweden didn't do as well this year (6th) as last year (2nd).
Congratulations to all
Us Finns didn't do to well this year.
us on the contrary did very very well!Greece finished 3rd on our first ever season in OLFSL!and GVR Team(Greek Virtual Racing) finished in 5th place.A nice season indeed!

We are the champions! ^__^
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