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Qualifying Split Times
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Qualifying Split Times
Maybe in qualifying, an idea could be how fast (or slow) you are through each section. For example, i set a time one lap, then the next lap i am 1 tenth faster, it could display that on the screen.
It would be pretty much useless, but cool to see realtime progress of the qualifiers, red or blue helmet (or whatever) next to their name when they're besting their present section or laptime, another symbol for in the pits, etc.
i would like to see it like in Gran Turismo.
when u made a better split , the time is green displayed, when u have a slower split the time is red.
i like that system.
i would love to see it in hotlapping mode though
Exactly, you would know if you were faster, or not. This would definately be a help to anyone qualifying etc.
LFS doesn't save any "hotlaps" you make offline so it can compare them only to the previous laps you have driven since last pit visit. And by comparing I mean that it shows you the best time only.

I certainly hope that some day we get some kind of "offline HLVC approved personal best lap" charts inside LFS. The only way to do it now is to use some addon software or just write the sector times on paper.
It'd work for online Q sessions.
Quote from Breizh :It'd work for online Q sessions.

I think it's more needed when hotlapping. But why not make it possible in every "mode" (no reason to put online quali first)
So it's just a matter of putting it both online and off; gee, tough choice
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Qualifying Split Times
(10 posts, started )