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Event10, SO Long rev thread
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Event10, SO Long rev thread
Starting 13th from 16 in pool1 - I just want to say sorry for anything i will do.. starting from this position will give me smashing 10-15 fps so i don't know what will happen.

I'll slow down if needed :}

See you there.
lol, I suggest you shift+N at the start, with my old pc, it gives me 3-5 fps at the start, 8-12 with shift+n. Or just ask to host start at the last position.
All OLFSL servers are now setup up with insim relay and you can spectate all races (and practice server too ) with this new piece of software.

Race Spectator thread here
AHHH NO I missed it!! Damn! So used to leagues starting 9pm Oh well, I'll take the rap. Was looking forward to this one too.
I asked and was moved to last place due to wrongly working wheel and lack of fps i finished 13th thx to unlucky guys that had an incident in a race
Good work Fireball - was fun listening to the commentary!
Anyone who saved pool3 commentary?
nice work with the commentary indeed

Event10, SO Long rev thread
(10 posts, started )