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LFS GT Season 3 Sign-up
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#1 - Scoop
LFS GT Season 3 Sign-up
With the new patch that increesed the nr of cars in a race i want to see are there any teams interested in LFS GT, we will run the same 2 classes with 14 cars in each class.

The schedule is the same as the MoE one in terms of the races the dates are yet to be made final, this will be sorted out in a couple of days.

Teams that are interested post here saying the interest and the class u will want to drive in. Sign-up deadline is on 16th of september

Kyoto GP Long - October 7
South City Long - November 4
Westhill - December 2
Aston Grand Prix - January 27
Blackwood - March 9
Kyoto National - April 13

Races are 3 hours long as usual (race starts at 16:00 CET summer time when appliable)
The 2 classes are GT1: FZR FXR XRR; GT2: UFR XFR
There will be 2 qual sessions
- Session 1: the sunday 1 week before the race
- Session 2: the friday 2 days before the race
The best time out of the 2 Sessions will count for the grid

1 - BS Racing - FXR
2 - MCS720 - XRR
3 - TPS Racing - FXR
4 - FPR - Factory Phantom Racing - XRR
5 - n1 - NordicOne Racing - FZR
6 - eXcite-Racing - FZR
8 - Team Inferno - FZR
9 - Fluid Racing - XRR
10 - FAC - Finnish Automobile Club - XRR
11 - n1 - NordicOne Racing - FZR
12 - Karma Clan of Games - XRR
13 - Northstar R4R - FZR
14 - - FXR (95)
15 - [SR] - Storm Racing - XRR

1 - n1 - NordicOne Racing - UFR
3 - Czech e-Racing Team (CeRT) - XFR
4 - MCS720 -
5 - Fluid Racing - XFR
6 - Kaaz Gaming - XFR (76)
7 - Karma Racing - XFR
8 - Racing Minds - XFR
9 - Team FinalGear - XFR
10 - - XFR
11 - c4Racing - XFR
If i'm able to get a team together before the start of the season, I might be interested in joining the Season.

Although I first wish to see, the dates and times.
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#3 - Big.H
Quote from Frost_More :If i'm able to get a team together before the start of the season, I might be interested in joining the Season.

Although I first wish to see, the dates and times.

same here weigthy is for our Team that the races are not longer as 3 Hours !?

We are prefere the GT1 Class, probably XRR or FXR
#4 - Nobo
If you could supply some dates soon, i could get into talk with my team if we can make the dates.
We would probably go for at least one GT1 car if you are using XFR/UFR as GT2 class.
#5 - Scoop
Updated the first post with the details
ok, cool, so when does signup actually start?

and you should do some more advertising for this championship!
if you wish i can make a post in the german forums at

btw, an idea that i just got:
the MoE and the LFS-GT should be more closely linked. the MoE could only run GT1 cars in those really long races, whereas the LFS-GT could be more of a true support series, running the restricted GTRs that now race in MoE as GT2 at the same weekend of their races. results and stuff should then be published on the same website and teams who don't get a slot in MoE could automatically be entered in GT2...

guess its too late for this season anyway, but maybe an idea for the next one?!
I'd likely be in...lemme see if i can round up a few more fer my GT1 team...what time is race start?
we may, possibly, miss the first event BUT I will oficially sign me and dad up:

team: [BSrt] BS racing
nat.: Canada
car: FXR

#16 C.Sheppard
#07 K.Sheppard

off I go to the paint shop to add the req'd graphics
#9 - Scoop
Races will start at 16:00 cet same as last season, and advertise everywhere, signup well just post here and i'll make a list in the first post, and the cars will remain the same i've been runing it for over 1 year now like this it's worked like a charm.

And yes again advertise where ever u can
ok, i'll make a post...not now thoug, i#m drunk.
Sign me up !
Please put me down as an entrant,

Team MCS720 (Manuel Cluth and Shifter 720 Degrees)

S. Pelser
C. Gunter


Looking forward to the season!
Hi Scoop,

please add our LFS GT Team too.

TPS Racing (aka Total Power Sliders)
nat: German
car: FXR

H. Thelen
M. Hoffmann
O. Müller
R. Merklein
P. Dreisbach

#13 - Nobo
Hello Scoop!
We would like to participate with the following lineup.

FPR - Factory Phantom Racing
nat: German
car: XRR
C. Piotrowski (Mr Soocerer)
T. Kopp (DonTob)
M. Krinninger (nobo)

Thx alot
I have updated the scooring system to work with the 14 cars per class, it in the rules section

last season was great!
If we dont get place in the MoE this season, we see us again in the LFS GT!


Bandelnet Racing Team

n1 - NordicOne Racing would be interested in running in both GT1 (FZR) and GT2 (UFR).

We will decide the drivers later but at least the following racers are interested:

Hi, i´m a driver without a team.

If any team need´s a driver for this challenge. call me!

my Facts

GT2 or GT1

D. Mucha (Jabba-Ranks)
Nat: Germany
Car: n.a.
I'm gona prelong the deadline 1 week until sunday the 23rd, if i don't have a decent number of cars i dread i'm gona have to cancel the series

LFS-GT is a great series with a lot of fun!!
It's worth driving here!
#20 - Nobo
I am sure some are still waiting how their MOE application goes out.
Quote from Nobo :I am sure some are still waiting how their MOE application goes out.

our case...
that's why i have prelonged the sign-up here, i know a lot off ppl are waiting to see how moe sign-ups are working out.

We would also like to participe in LFS:GT


Nationality : German
Car : FZR
Drivers :

- N.Heiden [LFSW : Mr.Sing]
- M.Ernst [LFSW : cyprien]
- M.Leisterer [LFSW : Michael Leisterer]

maybe some more later.


Fluid Racing would like to enter a gt1 and a gt2 class cars pls.
Later i will anounce the line-up.

well...there´s not place for us in MoE... so we´re entering LFS GT...

Class: GT1
Car: XRR
R.Dario (lfsw:locovich)
R.Diego (lfsw:diego fr)
M.Zanlungo (lfsw:becker)
I.Sellan (lfsw:nach)

Class: GT2
Car: XFR


EDIT: updated racernames....

LFS GT Season 3 Sign-up
(65 posts, started )