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lost password for LFS s2
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lost password for LFS s2
Yeah I cant remember for the life of me the password and username for LFS to unlock S2. I dont know why its asking me again, but maybe its becoz i have a new computer now (i havent played it for months and months) or because i changed ISP's

Has anyone had this? I emailed at but its going to be hard to provide proof, i can only do it with my name, credit card details and perhaps my address too. I hope they will accept it.

Anything else i can do?

*edit* I just noticed under my username on this forum that im s2 liscensed, so im not lmaking anything up. I really dont know why its gone back to the demo version. Security perhaps?
They should be able to accept the details you have provided, and will be able to reset your password(s).

Your username is as on the forum - SS_Kristoffer

You have two passwords, a GAME password (used for unlocking) and a WEB password (used for forums, the LFS site etc). It is possible both are the same, so have you tried your password for the forum in LFS?

I'm sure Victor/Geraldine will be able to help you.
yeah i tryed 2 variations of the password i use for this forum and the game (guessing)

I also used my username for this forum for unlocking and nothing has worked.
Just log in on (if you forgot your password there too and you could only post here because of cookies, then retrieve the login details here). There you can under your account details enter a new GAMEpassword, which is what you need.
ok, I got into and changed my passwords and changed the email addy to my new one ( and made new gamepassword and i still cant get into it. I also turned off my firewall incase that was the reason and i still get the same error msg LFS gives me. ( the 3 reason thing, firewall, ISP or there master server is down...)

Anything else i can try? Perhaps tomorrow it may work, or in a few hours....
what exactly does it say?
do you have Vista now?

Because Vista has this UAC secure thing that make's them so slow.
Try turn it off in Account details in configuration.
Make sure you're using 0.5X10, or a recent version of LFS (W or later).
ok, so im using an older version... not good right? Most likely the reason why its not working.

Ok, im downloading the latest version X now, HOPEFULLY this will solve my problems... only 1 is my internet has been slowed (gone over download limit) so its going to take some time... but thats ok

thanks everyone for your help, i appreciate it tremendously. I thought i was screwed since its been sooo long since i played it and remembering passwords... I wont go there!!

*edit* looking forward to drifting again, ohh how i missed it
Léccives adjátok meg az s2 kódot
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lost password for LFS s2
(12 posts, started )