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Can someone please post me a Carbon Texture ??
many thanks
#2 - ZORER
here's the texture i use on all my skins.
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#5 - Gunn
how does this one look?
First attempt at skinning
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#7 - Gunn
It looks fine, but it doesn't look like carbon fiber. Try a carbon texture with a smaller weave for a more convincing result.

now it looks more like some reptile or snake skin... :P
still doing carbon
smaller is better?
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It's still way to big.

I'm guessing you've never seen carbon fiber in life before?

This may help show you how small the fiber weave is:

I'm not entirely sure when I say this, but I believe the average carbon fiber weave is about 5 to 8 mm wide.
I have nothing to measure with where I am so I have absolutely no idea.
Ok, orginal was a shot from my R1100S
BTW, how do you make carbon fiber?
#13 - Gunn
Quote from Zachary Zoomy :BTW, how do you make carbon fiber?

Google it. It's quite interesting (and surprising) really, worth a read.
here is my carbon skin its perfect texture and size. just zoom in to full size to see the actual texture
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I make my own CF lol
Quote from Iroc-z :Here is my new carbon skin.

please show me a screenshot how it looks in game
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What the hell? where did my post go??

Anyway, here's the pics.



Closeup of rear, with a little imperfection:

Closeup of the front, again with an imperfection:

Another front shot:

Overall, its a nice skin, but the white edges on the skin file bring up some little white parts on the skin.
Good work! Very cool car.

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