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777 + 500 = 47 race event
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777 + 500 = 47 race event
To celebrate our partnering up with 500Servers (news item), Triple Seven Racing would like to organise an event.

Please sign-up for the event below.

Event as follows.

Time & Place : Thursday June 21st, T7R|Team server, 19:00BST (18:00GMT/UTC)

Combo : F08 @ Aston Historic

Race format : 2x races, 15mins qualifying, 12 laps, 2nd race random draw for pole, then the rest above reversed, i.e. random draw places 8th place on pole, then 7th-1st reversed.

Entry list: (max 32 drivers)

1) danowat
2) p1lot
3) Exodus
4) BBO
5) hrtburnout
6) Richard Torp
7) geeman1
8) kdempsey
9) DE4NO
10) tiagolapa
11) LFSn00b
12) ZWR|Dru
13) ZWR|Moose
14) sidi
15) ChristijaNL
16) bozo
17) Racin Jason
18) morcs
19) BenjiMC
20) anttt69
21) DeKo
22) N I K I
23) Clownpaint
24) Leprekaun
I'm in.
i`ll give it a try..
F08 + Aston Historic = teh win

Count me in.
Add me please
Hi! please add me. thks!
#7 - Dru
2 From ZWR will race here to show our support


Nice one fellas, keep em coming
hehehe........someones been PM'ing.........I am looking your way p1lot .

Good on ya fellas
Not me this time Been feeling too lazy :S
#12 - bozo
Count me in
Please add me as well. Thanks.
Hi there, can I enter provisionally? I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it but I can let you know early on the day.

Having said that, don't reserve me a space if there are limited spots and other confirmed entrants can't get in.


I am sure there will be room fella
Quote from danowat :I am sure there will be room fella

Cheers! Is now a bad time to mention I've never driven the FO8 before?

Will have a play tonight!
sign me up, although i suxxors in this thing without any practice.
put me in please
#19 - DeKo
I wouldnt mind racing
only 11 more needed for a full server
Count me in
(Jimmy_Lemon) DELETED by Jimmy_Lemon
I'm in . Must get some praccy in .
Password has been PM'd to those who want to race, if you haven't recieved it, or you want to race and haven't signed up, drop me a PM.

There is still room, so if you fancy a race, PM me

I think I'd better start practicing, because I'm far from WR on AS4 .

edit: I will not be there this evening, I've got loads of work to do.
I can't make this race. I have not practiced and I have to stuff to do at the exact same moment the race is is going to start.

777 + 500 = 47 race event
(51 posts, started )