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Flag next to name on racing cars
Like on WRC cars, a small flag as we have on the forum and lfsworld profile.
For example.
Quote from Blackout :This was discussed in this thread
But I dont know if the flags on windows would be so accurate, see the text in windows now, it looks horrible

yes obviously but everything is in development stages and will be improved.
#7 - P1lot
Someone was asking about changing the colour of the back plate from yellow, since not all countries have yellow like UK. Choosing your country could change the colour of your plates (front and back), and also a little national flag at the left end, which seems to be the trend on lots of new road cars.
Ahh yeh that would be a good idea as well. I'm not really bothered by things that don't make that much of a difference in LFS.

I'm more interested in Dynamic Weather and LFS Karts