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League features - Tyres for a race weekend
with the introduction of fuel, tyre wear and pits, league racing is now on a whole new level, but perhaps we can make it even better. I have read a few posts here about giving a set amount of tyres for a round. Instead of just saying i like the idea, i will suggest some ways how we can implement it, that is easy to program and not impossible before S2 release.

So, the server admin has the option to set the number of tyres per the 'round', how he does is by ending the race first, so everything resets, and then like how you select how many laps, and how much qualifying, another option is Number of tyres. Say if the admin selects 10, once the server starts again, you have these 10 sets, until you d/c and reconnect, or the server closes. Now theres the problem that you will use the tyres too quick, as each time you pit, a new set of tyres are used, but this can easily be solved by a option like in F12 menu - you select either, change tyres, or keep tyres, its just that simple. Now ofcourse we can go into details and have a seperate tyre screen, where you can select each of the tyres you have used and look at its wear, and select a combination of them for your car. Ie putting worn tyres at the front for RWD cars, or having good tyres for the left side only for tracks with fast right handers, use your own imagination. Perhaps for S3 this screen can evolve into a race planner screen, where you organise engines, transimissions, brake pads etc for the race weekend, but thats looking a lil too ahead.

But so yea, I really doubt it'll be implement for S2, but worth a shot, and i think it is theortically possible (our dev's are geniuses after all )