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The secret lives of LFS players
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Quote from Hankstar :The fact that you won't share your full name makes you look a lot more suspicious

He listens to Gunther

Suspicious x 100
* My real name: Mesbahul I Anik
* My age:17
* My gender: Male
*Nationality/religion: South Asian Bangladeshi/Muslim
* Where I live: Queens, NYC
* My education : junior in high school(for ppl out of US its 11th grade )
*Fav. Class: Weight training.
* Occupation : Work In Best buy, work part time in my dads real estate office.
* Marital Status: Single and left my girl back in july
* Favorite Music genre: Rap/Hip hop Rock, Techno, trance, hardcore, metal , classical, DnB
* Favorite Bands(mostly artists): Paul Oakenfold, Darude, Beethoven, Yanni, Mozart, Dj Tiesto, 50 cent, Young jeezy etc..
* Favorite Films: The God father, Scarface, transformers, Bourne identity, Bourne Supremecy and Bourne Ultimatrum
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  • My real name: Taylor
  • My age and gender: 16 on the 25th, Male
  • Where I live: Honolulu, Hawaii (Hawaii-Kai specifically)
  • My education: I'm a 11th grader
  • My favorite subject from school: AP Computer Science
  • Marital status: Single and not expecting that to change any time soon
  • My favorite music genre: Classic Rock, Psychedelic Anything, Jazz, Jazz-Hip Hop fusion
  • My favorite bands/music artists: Cream, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash Young, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The New Jass Quartet
  • My favorite movies: I hate movies, with a passion. Blade runner kicked some major ass though.
* Real name: Stuart
* Age: 31
* Where I live: Istanbul, Turkey
* Education: High School and some other bits and pieces here and there- will go back soon to do Multimedia
* Favourite subject from school: Arts and Media Studies
* Occupation: Waiting to go back to school (see above)
* Marital status: Single but taken
* My favorite music genre: Erm... Older noisier rock, techno/tribal house, Balinese/Javanese gamelan, classical (inc modern classical), interstellar jazz, some other things
* My favorite bands/music artists: Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth, Stravinsky, Krzystof Pendereki (you can hear him in the movie 'The Shining'), Midnight Oil, Celibate Rifles, Sun-Ra, Lydia Lunch, John Williams, Contortions, umm... heaps more
* My favorite movies: Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind (basically most Steven Spielberg movies), Bladerunner, The Shining, Poltergiest, most of the movie 'The Thing' (except the ending which is pretty crap), anything imaginative and entertaining... ?
* Favorite Authors: All sci-fi. Neal Stevenson, PKD, Greg Egan, etc
* Favorite pastimes: long walks on beach, candlelit dinners, staring into computer screen, etc
* Favorite animal: Tapir
* Real name: Aloisius Croissant Dangerously
* Age: 33
* Where I live: York, Peoples Democratic Republic of Yorkshire
* Education: Very little
* Favourite subject from school: English
* Occupation: Code monkey
* Marital status: Anti-marriage
* My favorite music genre: Punk, ska, hip-hop, baggy indie, others
* My favorite bands/music artists: Cud, Fishbone, De La Soul, Ian Dury, Specials, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Subhumans, The Kinks, The Roots, Asian Dub Foundation, more...
* My favorite movies: Brazil, Dr Strangelove, This Is Spinal Tap, La Haine, ... er ... I don't watch a lot of movies.
* Favorite Authors: Will Self, Joseph Heller, Douglas Adams, Evelyn Waugh, Oscar Wilde.
* Favorite pastimes: Spanking the living shit out of my bass, wishing I had the patience to practice trombone more often, discarding page upon page of substandard writing, cooking (with mixed results, often seeming nothing short of entirely random), complaining.
* Name : Jonathan Robertson
* Age : 26
* Where I live : Thamesmead, London
* Education : Ermmm... BTEC national diploma in computing
* Favourite subject from school : Kicking english teachers head in
* Occupation : Working for moolah
* Marital status : Co-habiting
* Favourite music genre : Drum and Bass
* My favorite bands/music artists : Skibadee, Det, Fearless and Shabba (Drum and Bass MC's)
* My favorite movies : Street Fighter (Manga), BTTF 1, 2 and 3 and Terminator trilogy
* Favorite Authors : J K Rowling, Terry Pratchett
* Favorite pastimes : LFS, Street Fighter 3, BMXing, teaching my daughter to read and IQ tests.
* Real name: Mike
* Age: 31
* Where I live: Manchester, UK
* Education: B.Eng(Hons) Electonics
* Favourite subject from school: History
* Occupation: IT
* Marital status: Single
* My favorite music genre: all sorts
* My favorite bands/music artists: Stone Roses, White Stripes, Metallica, Kraftwerk, New Order/Joy Division
* My favorite movies: Star Wars (IV, V, VI), Enter the Dragon
* Favorite Authors: Stephen King, James Herbert, Terry Pratchett
* Favorite Pastimes: Computer gaming, Reading, Watching virtually any circuit racing (unless it's NASCAR)
* Favorite animal: Giant Panda
* Real name: Paul
* Age: 31
* Where I live: London, UK
* Education: Mainly my own mistakes High School & some College
* Favourite subject from school: Music / Graphic Communication
* Occupation: Musician, although for now I make a living in Admin
* Marital status: Single
* My favorite music genre: Mainly Rock, Blues, Soul, some R'n'B, some Pop
* My favorite bands/music artists: Aerosmith, Maroon 5, Richard Marx, Breaking Benjamin, Lynden David Hall
* My favorite movies: Seven, Lord of the Rings, 1408
* Favorite Authors: Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman
* Favorite Pastimes: Playing in Band, Video Games, Sweet Lovin'
* Favorite animal: Cat
* Real name: Chris
* Age: 16
* Where I live: Hilversum, The Netherlands
* Education: Curently in collage to become a disigner(maybe manga maker)
* Favourite subject from school: Drawing(i mostly drwa manga haha)
* Work?: i make money at the local grosary store
* Marital status: I was cheated grrr!!!
* My favorite music genre: Rock, Lovesongs, song of my favorite anime's
* My favorite bands/music artists: Bryan Adams, Foo Fighters, Nickelback,U2,Coldplay
* My favorite movies: Ghost in the shel, Motropolis , Al the pirates of teh carabien
* Favorite Authors: I read mangas
* Favorite Pastimes: Drawing, video gaming(race sims,Sims 2)last but not least i love Hugging!?
* Favorite animal: My cat chinnie
I really thought that more people over the age of 20 would be posting here, most are much younger than I thought.
  • My real legal alias: Matt Mosh
  • My age: 24
  • My gender: Male
  • Where I live: Boston, Ma, USA
  • My education: 4 years of tech/trade school in auto repair/auto body, UTI with BMW FasTRACK and PTAP
  • My favorite subject from school: I think my favorite subject is fairly obvious
  • My job: Exotic Auto Club of America (Its a small dealership of well, exotic cars.)/Tire Warehouse (Self Explanatory), I get to play with cool cars and change every tire known to man, its pretty cool.
  • Martial Status: Married, and happy thus far.
  • Favorite Music: Stuff I like, mostly Boston hardcore and punk
  • Favorite Bands: Whatever Band I am In.
  • Favorite Movies: I like a lot of movies, but I will leave it as I hate 98% of comedies that have come out in the past few years. Americas youth sure is stupid.
  • Cars crashed: 7, I think
  • Race cars crashed: I stopped counting that, but none were expensive, Enduro is great.
  • Current Cars: 1997 Chevy Blazer, 1988 Cadillac Fleetwood, Its lower now(1.8inches lower) and has some inch and a quarter white walls now, 1989 Pontiac Firebird, Just completed an engine rebuild, needs tuning, hasn't been over 2200 yet.
Quote from Blas89 :
  • My real name: Blas
  • My age and gender: 18, Male
  • Where I live: Zapopan Jalisco México. (In two words "Guadalajara México")
  • My education: Studying mechanical engineering.
  • Martial status: Single.
  • My favorite music genre: Almost everything...
  • My favorite bands/music artists: Metallica, Slipknot, and more...
  • My favorite movies: Lord of the Ring, Matrix 1,2,3, Jurassic Park 1,2,3, The Wall, and more...
  • My Favorites Pastimes: Playing Race Sims (Mainly LFS), I draw sometimes, chatting, reading about racing... etc.
  • My Favorite animal: Dingo!, cats, and I have a fish called Insekt.

  • My real name: Ash
  • My age and gender: 16, male.
  • Where I live: East Anglia, England
  • My education: E2E course
  • My job: Student
  • My favorite subject from High School: History and Geography
  • My favorite music artists: Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Ludovico Einaudi
  • My favorite movies: Anything with action - Transformers, Matrix 123, Transporter 1 & 2, Die Hard 1 & 2 (hopefully 3) etc.
  • Hobbies: PC Gaming and cycling
My real name: Neil
My age and gender: 26, male.
Where I live: Sheffield, England
My education: Degree in Biomedical Science
My job: Systems Engineer (Yes I know nothing to do with my degree)
My favorite subject from High School: Biology & IT
My favorite music artists: Foo Fighters, Muse, Placebo, Machine Head, Chill's and lots more!
My favorite movies: Terminator 1 & 2 (3 is shit), Jaws, Shawshank Redemption, Howard the Duck: A New Breed of Hero.
Hobbies: Football, drinking and eating.
My real name: Niall Paul Drew
My age and gender: 17 and Male
Where I live: Mid-Devon, UK
My education: Finished my school life in 2006
My favorite subject from school: Maths or IT
Marital status: With "the enemy" - My girlfriend Becki.
My favorite music genre: Classis Rock, actually, anything.
My favorite band: Pink Floyd
My favorite album: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon
my favorite song: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
My favorite movies: Scarface
  • My real name: Emmanuel
  • My age and gender: 25, Male
  • Where I live: Argentina
  • My education: Final year university student and final year of Language Japanese
  • Martial status: Single for the rest of mi life i think
  • My favorite music genre: Industrial , Metal Goth,Dance progesive
  • My favorite bands/music artists: Rammstein , Within Temptation , Epica
  • My favorite movies: 2001 space oddysey, Matrix Reloaded , Predator 1 , And All movies fron Tin Burton
To keep in mind and yes i edited this topic, that wass my exBf
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  • My real name: Kevin
  • My age and gender: 13, Male
  • Where I live: Portland, Oregon AKA Meth head city
  • My education: 8th grade.
  • My favorite subject from school: algebra.
  • Marital status: So lonely D:
  • My favorite music genre: Screamo, Electro, Punk, Surf Rock.
  • My favorite bands/music artists: The Automatic, Gallows, Deadbolt, RHCP.
  • My favorite movies: Donnie Darko.
                      That's all about me. Quite a simple life you think but lots of project under my tin-cap.
                      * Real name: Tor Ole
                      * Age and gender: 19, male
                      * Where I live: Mandal, Norway
                      * Education: Don`t know the names on things when it comes to english, 13 years school anyway. Having a year brake now
                      * Favourite subject from school: ...Physical exercise (tho if you saw me you wouldn`t belive it)
                      * Work: Working on the local video shop, it`s a combi video / fastfood store
                      * Marital status: Living togheter with my girl friend in a appartment
                      * My favorite music genre: Metall, powermetall, hard rock etc
                      * My favorite bands/music artists: Iron Maiden, Children Of Bodom, In flames, Metallica
                      * My favorite movies: The rock, AI (Artificial Inteligence), The Lord Of The Ring movies
                      * Favorite Authors: I don`t read much :/
                      * Favorite Pastimes: Playing guitar, surfing around on the internett or playing a computer game
                      * Favorite animal: My cat Timian
                      * My real name: Ben
                      * My age and gender: 15 , Male
                      * Where I live: Dublin, Ireland
                      * My education: 5th year in secondry school ( near straight A student )
                      * My favorite subject from school: History
                      * Marital status: in and out of a relationship
                      * My favorite music genre: Classic rock , comedy
                      * My favorite bands/music artists: Thin Lizzy Gary Moore, Carlos Santana etc
                      * My favorite movies: the ultimate gangster movie.. Shark Tale
                      *My Job: Part time mechanic
                      * Favorite Car : Nothing compares to the e30 m3 ( evo II )
                      * hobby's: Cars, Guitar.. and now photoshop...
                      Comedy isn't a music genre.
                      #72 - Jakg
                      No-one told Bill Bailey that!

                      PS - Straight A student, eh?

                      *keeps comment to self*
                      Quote from dawesdust_12 :Kev, will be sure to tell yah GF this...

                      Oh I told her that ages ago. And I'm not having kids. I've been trying to get various people to take my girlfriend off me for years but she's obviously not that much of a catch.

                      Planning the perfect murder is harder than it sounds, too.
                      Quote from thisnameistaken :Planning the perfect murder is harder than it sounds, too.

                      ive found the garfield method of mailing her to abu dhabi usually works best
                      Oh add coldlay and U2 to my favorite artis list

                      and happy to report i have a girlfriend now

                      The secret lives of LFS players
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