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The LFS TV Director camera set sharing thread.
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The LFS TV Director camera set sharing thread.
One set per ZIP or RAR, like the old sound pack sharing one To keep it clean I will put d/l links in this post.

To get the ball rolling, here's my Fern Bay Rallycross Green one. I have made 1 or 2 others, but they suck.

If it's not listed, it hasn't been made. If you want to share it, post it here.


GP circuit - Included
GP circuit reverse - Included
Rallycross - Included
Rallycross reverse - Included

Fern Bay

Club - Included
Green reverse - sil3ntwar
Rallycross green - duke_toaster

South City



International - Included
International reversed - Included

Kyoto Ring

Oval - Fischfix
National - JJ72
GP - JJ72


Cadet - Included
Cadet Reverse - Included
Club - Included
Club reverse - Included
National - Included
National reverse - Included
Historic - Included
Historic reverse - Included
GP - Included
GP reverse - Included
Grand Touring - Included
GT reverse - Included
North - Included
North reverse - Included
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FE6.rar - 229 B - 1129 views
I made one last month. It definately needs some improvement but i'll throw it up here anyway. Its for FE Green REV i think
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FE2R.rar - 403 B - 946 views
Cool thread. I'd like some more for KY course. I'd upload some but the ones I made really sucked. I'll keep trying. lol
#6 - JJ72
I have made one for kyoto national which I think is pretty good. might have minor problem with really quick cars on some corners cos the camera doesn't pan quick enough.
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KY2.rar - 500 B - 844 views
#7 - JJ72
A set for Kyotolong
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KY3.rar - 577 B - 834 views
Hi guys,

I love to use the LFS TV Director to watch the replays of the ESL-EPS races. You can lean back and simply watch the race.

The EPS races are a guaranty for close battles and a close field. So I like camera positions in some height which follow the cars for quite a while. Like in most TV-broadcasts.

So I edited some camera sets. My priority was to give the spectator a good overview of the field (more camera height and following the cars for long distances).

I edited the cameras for following tracks so far:

Land cams 01:
AS7R - Aston North Reverse
FE4 - Fern Bay Black
FE6R - Fern Bay RallyX Reverse
KY1 - Kyoto Oval
KY2 - Kyoto National
KY3 - Kyoto GP long
S04 - South City long

Land cams 02:
AS2 - Aston Club
AS3 - Aston National
AS5 - Aston Grand Prix
AS5 - Aston Grand Prix Reverse
AS6 - Aston Grand Touring
AS7 - Aston North
BL1 - Blackwood GP
FE3R - Fern Bay Gold Reverse
KY2R - Kyoto National Reverse
SO1 - South City Classic
SO1R - South City Classic Reverse
SO5 - South City Town Course
WE1R - Westhill International Reverse

More will come if you like.

NOTE: Some cameras may seem to have a too early start node (i.e. AS7R: on top of "thrill"-chikane) or a too late end node (i.e. KY2: following into the oval part). But thanks to Scawen we will have a minimum FOV of 10 instead of 12 in patch X. After a short test this will lead into a bigger zoom effect and the cars will appear quite bigger than now at far distances. I think it will be quite ok with patch X but I like it now too.

The only thing I wish me from the TV Director is to be able to set the FOV for each camera manually. But I will explain that in the other thread.

I hope you like my camera settings. Comments are welcome.


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Land cams - 2.3 KB - 821 views
Land cams - 3.9 KB - 795 views
#9 - Reese
Maybe something new for Blackwood and/or Soutch City??
Because of Patch Y Updates the old ones not working the right way^^
I'm not really talented in doing such "camera" files So maybe sb who is can post his files here, would be nice

MfG Reese
here's my cam files for the new S2Y Blackwood. give them a try.
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HeHe cool thanks i will have a look at them later
where are the southcity cam-files. Even for version 0.1 there were none i see.
so6r cam file
made by markus wurm and me.

car sets for all the tracks of the virtual-racing lfs-master championship and the vr-longdistance-championship will follow.

the main difficulties by building good cam-sets for south-city could not be solved by the tv-director as it is so far. but soeren is busy
Attached files - 310 B - 624 views
I made another cam pack. New Blackwood and SO Chicane Route included.

Land cams 03:
BL1 - Blackwood GP - Updated for Patch Y
BL1R - Blackwood GP - Patch Y ready
FE2 - Fern Bay Green
FE4R - Fern Bay Black Reverse
KY1R - Kyoto Ring Oval Reverse
KY3 - Kyoto Ring GP Long - reworked pack 01 version
KY3R - Kyoto Ring GP Long Reverse
SO6 - South City Chicane Route
SO6R - South City Chicane Route Reverse
WE1 - Westhill International
AS1 - Aston Cadet
AS5 - Aston Grand Prix

After seeing most of the broadcasts of the eTM at I think that I'm sometimes using unnessasary high (>10m) camera positions. I have started to rework some of my cam-files.
All cameras in this pack are up to date now.
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Land cams - 4.2 KB - 694 views
#15 - BURN
just found that great tool and here are the ones i made so far
more to come of course ^^

KY3 *
KY2R *
FE3R *
FE1R *
AS1 *
AS7R *
SO5 *fixed
SO5R *fixed
We1 *

Updated 30. Mar. 08
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SMK`sCAMs.rar - 8.2 KB - 871 views
cool, but SO5 and SO5r do not work at all...
hasany one got any in car cams?? on the GUI there is 3 buttons for incar, front and rear. any one managed to create anything for them??

Im going to try but i probily going to fail
Adjust the custom view in LFS, there's a CVW file in the view folder. C and P that in to the appropriate folder in LFSTVD.
Or add "0.5Z=cvw6" to the end of the cvw.ini file in the views folder and it wil use those in the cvw6 folder if you don't want to create custom ones straight away.
Request for a Fern Bay Green Cam .. This will be used for broadcasting a test race on March 1st. Would it be possible for one of you kind community members to make one?

Thanks in advance,
Perhaps try it yourself first, see if you can do it. Post it here and then maybe we can fine tune it?
Hmm im not to familiar with this stuff jeeze..
Attached are files used recently in iTCC and IGTC - though some have been tweaked before they were used in the broadcast, these are still good enough, especially for the tracks where the default TVD install doesn't have any for.

FE3R has some dodgy bridge bug which can't seem to be fixed, and the BL1 file has been improved over the default one, which didn't have enough cameras and too many places where cars went out of view - not good for iTCC! Also attached is a SO4R file for the next round, though changes may be made, it's still usable.
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cam.rar - 1.9 KB - 602 views
Quote from boothy :Attached are files

You might wanna be a little more specific...

Laek so: WE1R, BL1, FE3R, KY2, SO4R

The LFS TV Director camera set sharing thread.
(33 posts, started )