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VB6 InSim Example (VB6_ISE)
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VB6 InSim Example (VB6_ISE)
Hello again! More stuff for ya.

VB6_ISE is an open source project (written in Visual Basic 6 (not .NET)) for people messing with the Live for Speed InSim system. It is not a framework or library of any sort (I think) but it does do a nice job of wrapping up all InSim packets into a nice class and some user controls, making it much easier to work with. Other examples include an InSim gateway, a http browser XP themes, tabs, a list-view with icons, tray icon, etc.. Its just an example so not all things are thoroughly implemented. Error handling to name one.

To Use
You first have to enable InSim in LFS by typing "/insim [port]" into the standard chat box where [port] is the port you see on the InSim tab.
The reply port is set to the port displayed +1. Once InSim is enabled, make sure the IP is "" (for local connections), your admin password is in there if applicable and hit connect. All output should be stuck in the "console area" below. Once you're connected the icon will turn green and if in game, the list will populate. After connected you can set the intervals for OutSim and OutGauge as wanted and add a listener or three for the gateway. The example browser can be used at any time.

So please, take a look through the code and take what you like. If you have any improvements or need any help, please don't hesitate to post and ask. Have fun!
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YES! THANKS! I have been waiting for this! you are the man!
Dude, that's really cool. I will take a look at this!
Looks really sweet, nice work Ray.
Is this still compatible? For some reason i can no longer connect to LFS (although it did work fine a few month ago)
It may not have been updated for the InSim changes in patch X.

VB6 InSim Example (VB6_ISE)
(6 posts, started )