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Output of gauge values (rpm, fuel) via OutSim
Request: output of gauge values (rpm, fuel) via OutSim

I know that the aim of OutSim is to output information to a motion simulator. But first step of immersion is a cockpit with real controls and real indicators. There are good solutions to wire real clocks to computers from flight sim cockpit builders.

Now projectors are affordable, so these real cockpits can provide a high level of immersion, with motion or not.

See attached file. This is the idea.

Everybody would like a motion simulator, but few can buy or construct it. A real cockpit is a real possibility for many users.

Now, only speed can be read with OutSim. Other gauge values are needed: rpm´s is a must. Fuel, engine temperature, gear, etc., can be interesting. I have read a lot of post asking about how to get gauge values from LFS.

Even Scawen wrote in a forum (20-10-2004):

'One day I will make an OutGauge system which could be used for external clocks on an LCD screen, or whatever.'

This was not a promise, but, come on: make us happy!
Just give us these values via Outsim, and we’ll wire real clocks.

Please, please, move up this in your to-do list.

Thank you very much indeed.


Rafael Hernandez
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Would be interested if something like this would be released!
Quote from Go-carter :Would be interested if something like this would be released!

Interested? I demand this! those analog dials are way to tiny in live for speed
Yes, these, and others, would be nice to have through OutSim. Perhaps
Scawen relies on the fact that LFS displays the instrument cluster for you.
In any case, OutSim was implemented from the start (well, almost) and has
not had much work since. I don't think it is a priority at the moment.
And then we could attatch servos to car guages and mount them on our monitors!
#6 - Vain
I have complete gauge-sets from cars at home. With a bit of craftsmanship I can turn them into a great cockpit. I'd really love to have functional gauges. (At the moment they would only hinder my sight.)