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Add a tournament system to online races
There are a lot of servers that run short races with same car/track combo. Why not make it a short series? Like a tournament with 3 races, all get points and after the 3 races these get summed up and we have a tournament winner?

This would make people want to finish the race. Instead of quitting when you spin in the first corner. And it would certainly make the 3rd race more interesting as there is a "championship" at stake.

And to add it some special options:
* turn the finishing order upside down before next start
* give points to all who finish the race
* no car repairing or tire change between the races (only in pits)

I can see the problem with turned starting grid, but just to add an option there.

What do you think?
Nice idea, but people would have to wait longer if trying to join midway through a set of 5 races for example.

I often get involved in passenger-handicap series with my on-line buddies which is a lot of fun. Start out in the UF on Fe or So, with 3 to 6 racers, 5 lap race. Winner has to take on a passenger for the next race. This repeats until eventually whoever wins outright with 4 passengers in, is the series winner. Then you go to bed or select a new track.
I have nothing against people joining in the middle of the race. And that is just one server option, some prefer it, some hate it
So bad idea that no one has anything to say about it?
Its a good idea, dont worry !