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Server list: Specific hostname/attributes filtering by user
I want to go have a race, multiplayer ok, display list of.. ok. After that I get a list of servers like "cruise", "citylife"... I want to be able to filter out certain words, ignoring color codes, so I can have the server list I actually need. Also I don't feel like joining a "race" server with just one player beside me, so I want to filter those out too.

In the end I am spending 1min 33sec (stopwatch tested, 575 hosts) for refreshing the whole server list because I can't have a favorites list. Some of my faves may be empty and I could message a few friends to join me there, but, for some reason, I still need those 400-500 other servers I have too high ping to/don't like/that have playtypes that don't interest me.

I did two quick searches with different keywords and found nothing to suit specifically this, so it is obviously needed to be posted, though I am fairly sure SCAVIER recognized this problem before.
It's been posted before (I've posted) but not in it's own thread I believe. So, here it is in it's own suggestion thread...


With so few servers being used in the US, I too would like to filter out the drift, city, and cruise servers, as well as the Brazil servers that are too high ping for me when looking for a race. Too many times I've clicked a server at a combo I was interested in without noticing it was a drift server. (Nothing against drift servers, I just don't want to join to race there, hehe)
I'd certainly like to be able to adjust the ping cut off time to filter out servers that are too far from me, although for me it's usually very few servers. For those living down under, I'd imagine it's the majority, so would be really useful.

I'd also like to see the server type, e.g. race, drift, other (would include citylife and cruising and anything else people dream up).
Bump. I'd really like to able to filter out cruise/drift servers. Nothing against them; they paid for their license and can do with it what they please. I just don't care for them personally and would like the ability to customize the filters so that refreshing doesn't take as long.

Oh, and props to the similar threads feature that pops up when creating a new thread title. It showed me this thread even after I spent time searching manually so I didn't have to create a new, redundant thread.