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Log miles done in single player mode
Really this can only be done for people that have the internet on all the time, but its an idea none the less.

According to my stats ive only done around 3000 miles, but i have probably done the same offline (only been playing just over a month). I know its against AI and not real racers, but it would be nice if LFS logged your SP miles too, even of they were just stored on your PC and not put online, just as a general indication for yourself what mileage has been done.

Just a thought.
lol thats like what i suggested in my "real car addons" thread back at RSC, having an odometer in the car is still something that would be nice to see, even these days no matter if they are logged on LFSW or not, its still interesting to see how many miles your whatever you have driven during a race
odometer thats the word im after! Thats pretty much what i mean.
Love the idea of an odometer in the cars. I have over 10,000 miles logged on LFSWorld, but that doesn't tell me how many miles in each individual car. I think I've only run maybe 2 laps offline, but logging the miles of your offline driving is a good suggestion too.