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show all split times, rather than one [original]
copy and paste job... alllright
former suggestion from RSC a vveerrrrry long time ago
October 6th 2004 to be precise
@13:40 if you're that OCD

Quote from Me :dont think this was brought up, but i forget stuff almost instantly when racing (cause i dont want to know anything else lol but my line) so I think it would be nice to show all 3 split times for each lap, rather than putting them over each other, because then you have a hard time thinking where you sped up/slowed down
and then have the new laps in orange, to compare, then have the white (last laps) disapear about 5 seconds after the end of that lap.
(AI's times so no laughing!)

nevertheless, this is still an important feature that really needs to make it into LFS!

it may not have to look like that, it could just .. budge over the former times (budge=slide to the left) and the new time shows up to the right of it
if i can figure out how, i'll make a little gif of what i mean
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Eh, I am torn on +.5

Like the picture...holy ancient Blackwood!
You can already see all split times in HL mode. I am not really sure if you need to see them in racing mode too.
If you have practiced the combo you can tell from the splits if you doing good or not, so you don't have to know every section when you cross the finish line, it's not hotlapping. I think it would be more fun to have access to your lap statistics on the pits afterwards, like to all stats, with graphics.
I likey.:bananalla

Simple, yet effective. Wouldnt be hard to make, either.

It would be nice to see the splits while racing/hotlapping/xxx, not just the "cumulative lap time"

#8 - Davo

LFSLapper adds this handy feature. It also notifies you if you're quicker or slower and by how much.