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Track Specific Setups
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Track Specific Setups
Now that we have so many cars and (very different) tracks, I would like to see setups being displayed in game that are dependant on the track you are drving on. It could be done by giving car setups a naming rule so that the game only picks out the setups based on the track your on. It could also allow a global name so that a particular setup could always be available for "that" car no matter what track you are on.

I find I have too many setup variations showing up that I dont need:- Rally, Oval, short track, long track, dragstrip, Rev track etc

I hope this hasn't been mentioned before..I did a search.

what you guys think about that idea?
i dont know if someone brought it up before me, but there were several ideas back in RSC

i think i've kinda lost the idea, im not really sure we need it, because now i just name it by the tracks abbreviation and i dont have any problems like i used to

so.. dunno.. maybe something we will need in S3 though
A setup filter will be pretty cool, or like presets.
Yes please, that would rock. With all the tracks and configs we have now that setup list get very cluttered when you start making setups for many different tracks, even worse if you have more than on per track (like a sprint and a long race setup).
I would like to vote this feature also. Something like GPL and NASCAR has would be nice.
I'm beginning to have a problem with the setups. I usualy have more than one setup per track and It's anoying because they chagne order everytime after one in the midle is changed. Aplhabetical ordering would be something so I could maintain some logical order with labeling.
This is the improvement I need, if like me you downlaoded the setupfield pack and the easy drive pack, yoou can get way too many setups for each car, Renaming them all the the tracks abbreviation is a good idea, but it would still be nice to be able to keep the pit screen clean and just show the 1 or 2 setups relevant for the track you are sat on!
We definitely need some way to organize the setups. Right now it's a mess and you can only store so much information in the setup name.

Personally I'd like that setups go to a seperate folder for each track, and a little space per setup to write some notes would be very well appreciated too. These small changes would already make the setup handling so much better...
Prehaps by using a browser like interface . . . Each Track having it's own folder name with a copy facility so you could drag and drop into other tracks . . . Easy to use, people understand the interface, easy kept in order.
If anyone knows Grand Prix Legends,by Papyrus,came out in 1998,can now be got from sold out software-£4.99 ... jlp4550twclwqq)/cart.aspx

Has a good system,sets are in track order,so go to monaco and only sets for that track are there,with the option to import a set from any other track.
Also slots to put race set in,so when race starts,that set is loaded.
How many times have you been out on track in lfs and everone has voted to restart,and you have to quickly shift-s to pits change set change fuel,and get back out,nightmare!!
#10 - Davo
Also, a separe sheet for some text input would be nice á la Grand Prix Legends / Nascar Racing.

i got a lot of setups here and sometimes i get confused with them

i think that a feature like this could be implemented in a test patch
It could be done easily, just like skins are assigned to the cars.
Just add another prefix to the set name, eg. LX4_AS1r_60laps.set. Then, if you choose Aston Cadet reversed and LX4 you will see '60laps' setup.

And 'import' button is welcome too.
i already name the sets like as7r_hotlap, as73_race1 etc... making LFS filter out the "unwanted" sets would be cool...
(search used and finally found )

A kick and a +1 from me.
I never really needed it, but now that I race on the CTRA servers where cars and maps are switched ever time, I REALLY miss this feature.
Please show only the setups for this track, and then maybe a "show all tracks setups", and, as already suggested, a copy to current track setup option.
There is already a filter, because you only see setups for your current car. Why not extend that to current track as well? And this improvement suggestion shouldnt be too hard. It's not like asking for rain or collission detection, this is something in the user interface.
#16 - Be2K
I think an implemented Folderbrowser would be nice.
A little "+" in the Setup Screen to add a Folder and the Sorting your Setups in there.

If LFS could handle this, you could sort your Setups directly from the Windows Explorer.

Track Specific Setups
(16 posts, started )