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Tiny request, for mouse users.
I play with mouse on my laptop, and i notice when you pause the game, and move the mouse to change options ect. and unpause the game, the car goes flying because the mouse pointer is moved from where it was when the game was paused. I would like to see it so when you pause the game, the postion of the mouse is stored, and when the game is unpaused, the position is restored. Would save a couple of fly-offs in single player. Im sure many mouse players know what im talking about.
+1, I played with mouse for 4 months, now a have a wheel.
i played with a mouse for over a year! Now i got a g25. Believe it or not, i think im better with the mouse. Sad really.
, just practice with wheel, I took 3 weeks to get used
I sometimes use the mouse
+1, even though I don't use the mouse. Good suggestion.
+1 Makes sense. But, you can also just remember where the mouse was. Not that hard IIRC (I used to play with my mouse).
why would you do that? this why we have computers in the first place. So it can do things we are too lazy to do. Im sure it can be done in less then an hour of work. None the less, That is a simple solution, but one that can be forgoten about in a hotlap thats going good when nature calls hard...
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Hey there compatriot. Hard to find Singaporeans these days. Imma mouse user too.
I don't get it. Why is everyone saying their car "flew like mad". I used my mouse, and no matter how far I steered, I couldnt get the car to fly away. All I had to do is use a little touch of countersteer and I was fine. Rediculous complaints...
Big +1
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