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LFS UK Gathering Poll 2 - What day?
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Poll : What day is best for you (out of Sat 14/04 or Sun 15/04)?

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No preference
Prefer Saturday
Can only make it Saturday
Prefer Sunday
Can only make it Sunday
LFS UK Gathering Poll 2 - What day?
This poll is for the people who have expressed an interest in attending the 3rd LFS UK Gathering / Meeting / whatever, as detailed here. Please do not vote otherwise. Thank you.

Poll should be self explanatory.

If you have any further comments on this matter, please post below.
Bladey + EmmyLou, Saturday preferred but would also be available Sunday
I would definately be able to make it Saturday.
No odss really, I'm either working or I ain't . . . .
Poll is looking a bit close, only a few voters let to vote. Was hoping it would be a bit more clear cut. I expected perhaps a few more people would prefer Saturday if they needed to stay over night and have work on the Monday.

I don't know what percentage of people are coming to the pub afterwards, hopefully a little more than the last event where there was only 8 of us (out of what, 30?). Even if people have to drive back it would nice if you stayed for one so we can have a quick wind-down and seeya later, of course I don't want to pressurise people, you can just shoot straight off (I know some people will have to for various reasons).

Anyway, let's see how the poll stands after the last few votes...
Ah damn, almost perfect tie.

Any suggestions on how to proceed please? This event is for you, I'm just going to keep things organised. I'd rather not influence the decision making process any more than any else can.
As you said, Saturday would make it easier for most of the workin' folk, so whilst I really don't have a preference (as I have time off coming out of my ears still, so it would be a nice excuse to take some), I don't see why Saturday shouldn't be the logical choice
Bob - I have taken the liberty of reserving both days for you whilst you decide which to go for. See 2/3rds of the way down the following bookings table.

Obviously, which day? what time? and format? all TBD. But I just wanted to make sure that they were held for you.
You can't ask for better customer service than that!
Ah that's great, I was going to contact you anyway once the date had been chosen, seems I won't have to now.

As to the date I think it would be better to go with Saturday since that also gives more flexibility to those travelling by public transport.

Sorry to the three people who can only make it on the Sunday, it seems you're going to have to miss out, but three people will miss out either way.

Unless anyone has a strong reason for Sunday?
No idea if it's worth me sticking my 2c worth in here or not, but I don't care

For me, Saturday would be better because of the public transport option (unless someone passing North London wants to gimme a lift ).

Plus, it means if there's a pub trip afterward you don't need to worry about work the following morning

And yes, that's some good, er... future potential Customer Support there. Very nice
Both points I had already raised but I'm glad someone is posting and agreeing with me.

And yes, the more in the pub the better.
Pub. Drink. Feck.


Yes, you can buy me a drink this time Bob

Suppose I better dust the wheel off, stop working on my projects and start practising so I don't embaress myself [too much].
Re the Meet UP
Would this be a London gathering then?
#15 - d6nn
Quote from peejayh :Would this be a London gathering then?

Near Southampton, but its reasonably close to London
peejayh - nope, all official information is in the first post. That was just another suggestion.
If you'd be travelling from Blandford (DT11?) then Chandlers Ford is much closer than London (47mi vs 120mi).

Funny there are now 29 votes when only 28 people have said they would go.

LFS UK Gathering Poll 2 - What day?
(17 posts, started )