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TrackIR 5DOF mod for LFS
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TrackIR 5DOF mod for LFS
I made a small mod that enables "5DOF" (yaw, pitch, X, Y, Z) TrackIR axes in LFS. It modifies the custom view parameters in real time so it is a bit 'hacky', but it seems to work quite well for me. Requies TrackIR with vector expansion.

Here is a small video of it, download from my site
I've been wondering why someone hasn't done something on that :P good job now i just need a track ir
Great work Kegetys! This just pushed me to finally get a Track IR. Awesome!
#4 - XsX!
very nice work keg..
i'd really wish to see you be part of the staff in the future..
nice man, very nice...
Made a minor update (v1.1), it adds a setting for automatically shifting the view on the X axis with head rotation, so you can look over your shoulder simply by turning your head... I think it should also work for people with no vector expansion. (Assuming the whole thing works for anyone else but me )
Great stuff! I have a trackir 4 pro thats just sat diabled on top of my monitors because i only ever race on LFS (Cant seem to get to grips with it when its not 5 or 6 DOF)

Good work fella!
2 things, that works by moving your head around right? so, if u look to your right, how do you see the monitor?

And one other thing, what is that crash sound, want it too
The head movements are magnified. So you look 10 degrees to your left (so you can still see the monitor by moving your eyes), and it translates that to 90 in game (or whatever you choose).

It takes a while to get used to though.
Been curious about TrackIR for a while... are they worth it? One of those things i'd like to try, but I dunno anyone who's got one.
Yeh the TrackIR is superb. I got it over a year ago for Flight Sims but it works equally as well in LFS.
Awesome work now i can seek realistic camera angles =D
Can you make a V patch version please? playing LFS without it now is a step back..
holy crap, i can finally make an attempt to change my in-dash view@@!@!!
I use the TrackIR without the 5-DOF mod, does the 5-DOF mod not work with the LFS latest patch? If it does I'll give it a go.
Version for 0.5V has been on the site since yesterday
thank you!!!
Quote from [Matt] :thank you for the planning on buying the Track IR....

if i buy this kit, will it come complete with everthing i need to run the program that you made with LFS? ... roduct-TrackIR-4-PRO.html

or do i need an aditional "add-on" type piece?

ah i just noticed this program is for 5DOF...and the new ones are 6DOF. i but will it work with the 6DOF?
The degrees of freedom you have are; X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch, Yaw. The one the patch may not cover in all probability is ROLL....?
very nice program..i just got my track ir today. the only thing is, it seems that every time i got the the pits/change cars my Z axis(height) is off. any suggestions?
Thank you so much for that mod!
It works great!
Hi guys, I'm trying to put this mod but I can't. I don't have TrackIr, what is it? where I can download it? or I have to buy it?

Thx for reply. It sound very cool but it's a bit expensive :lol:

TrackIR 5DOF mod for LFS
(34 posts, started )