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MSN Messenger
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MSN Messenger
Hey guys, just wanted to quickly ask if all of your messenger programmes are working ok?

All day mine hasn't been able to sign on because of some service not being available, I even tried the origional windows messenger and it gives me the same.

Just incase it's a problem at my end.

My MSN Messenger is fine.....
#3 - Bean0
MSN Status is showing as up and running.

No problems here using GAIM.
#4 - Lible
No problems using GAIM here, too.
#5 - Jakg

Messers from Australia around the world are reporting sign-in errors with Windows Live Messenger occuring for over 5 hours already. Windows Messenger or web-based Messenger users, or those currently already signed in are not experiencing any trouble.

UPDATE: Here's a temporary fix for error 81000314 and 80072745 by linx05: just put the following lines in your hosts file:

More info on how to edit your hosts file here.

UPDATE #2: mario has made a nice little tool that automatically enables/disables the fix for you. Use at your own risk though.

Although it works fine for me...
Works fine now after using that programme Mario made, just open it and press edit.

Thanks Jak.
Edited my Hosts manually and it sorted it for me too

Good find, cheers
I have a problem too. I can't login.
#10 - Jakg
if it keeps adding two letters to your password then unfortunately your screwed, just hope your using an old version, as upgrading (no matter by how much) seems to fix it for me most times
haha msn naffed up for me earlier as well, i just waiting couple of hours and it worked fine, came up with exact same error code 81000314

MSN Messenger
(11 posts, started )