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Short Drift Track: Laplinker
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Short Drift Track: Laplinker
I hope the general shape hasn't been posted before, at least not in the same scale. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

*edit: haha first comment about it was it's too damn small, it's probably not big enough for proper twinning but hey, at least it makes it a challenge, right?
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Errrr ok
Sorry Man its pretty rough eh......But hey keep it up, theres room for improvment.
Good Luck
wath use layouts
that folder to place the archives of the layout
it is alone for licensed players?
Yes u need a S2 license to use them.
haha that looks pretty fun
NotAnIllusion, that's more than enough room for 2 cars twinning, maybe even 3, thanks for the layout!
debtor for these informações only for S2 licenceds umm I understood
#8 - orre
Looks fun but where to download??
Hmm interesting, the file seems to have disappeared. I might have pressed the wrong button deleting other attachments..

Yep, not on my HD either. Could someone who did download it post it back here, please

Short Drift Track: Laplinker
(9 posts, started )