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Pit Box Skins.
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Pit Box Skins.
First off; I looked through the improvements log and didn't see this, and quick search yielded nothing.

There was talk a while ago of assigning specific pit stalls to racers for increased realism. (Whether by qualifying order, server join order, whatever) And it occured to me; coming down pit lane, it may be difficult to find your specific stall. The numbers atop pit lane can be difficult to read on small resolutions and so forth. It would be neat to add a rectangular strip above pit stalls which could be skinable. Each driver uploads a jpg image (400x100 pixels abouts maybe?) to LFSW with a specific name. Each licenses user would have a generated name, based on their username (or just their username as it is) which corresponds to the name of the jpg file.

This jpg would be downloaded into the skinsX folder and so all drivers could see it giving a colourful pitlane, so that their own pit stall image does not look too out of place.

Users who do not have an image uploaded would have a generic image displayed, which has their username across it. The username could be done in the same way as the license plates are done on the cars (ie. editable from within the options menus; seperate from the player name and license plate text). Those who make a custom image could choose to leave that field empty (like in the license plate field) so that no text is displayed and the image itself shows through.

The advantage to this is that every user has a unique pit lane graphic so that they could easily pick it out as they travel down pit lane and find their alotted pit stall.

I hope what I typed made sense... lol

[EDIT] OR, instead of having the pit graphic jpg name the same as the user name, it could be done in the same fasion as car skins. PIT_xxxxxx.JPG and selectable from the garage menu. (Maybe linked to colour set like a car skin so you could have different graphics for different skins?)
Cool idea +1

Alternatively, perhaps your name in floating text in your pit box, similar to what you see above your car. You'd only need to see your own pit box, so there wouldn't have to be the clutter of seeing everyone's name floating in the pits. Works fine in GPL - every driver gets a pit board with their name on it but can only see their own...
Definite +1.
Definetly +1
#5 - joen
Yup, that's a great idea. +1
Would be cool!

but the square pit box where you pit in must be just the same, only the board above must be skinnable
Great idea! +1
#8 - Jakg
great idea!

I think the skinnable board would be a lovely addition, along with the GPL style pitboard. Isn't it funny, that after like 8 years, people still revert back to the old style because they worked?
Great idea
I hate mandatory pit on public short races (the 10 lappers). All it does is break up the racing. If I'm haveing a good battle with someone, I will try to pit at the same time as them so not to break up the racing and end up just boring hotlapping for the remainder of the race. A big problem for me in these mandatory 1 pit races is I'll come in behind the car I'm racing with and not know where they are going to stop. So, there is a chance of hitting them if they stop in an early pitbox unexpectedly or whatever. This is a great idea (been suggested before) and a great solution to that suggestion.

+1 for me!
Quote :Alternatively, perhaps your name in floating text in your pit box,

NOOOoooo, I turn off all driver names - I learn your skins
#14 - SamH
A single pit marshal would be a simple solution for marking your box.

Oooh! Oooh! Just had an idea.. we have our team skins uploaded on LFSW.. we could have a pit banner too!!!
Er yes Sam, that is the idea we're discussing, what did you think it was?
#16 - SamH
Oh FFS! I'm spreading myself too thinly today! Sorry!
yeah great idea +1
#19 - Jakg
Quote from SamH :Oh FFS! I'm spreading myself too thinly today! Sorry!

you'd make a GREAT politician! you can "come up with an idea" that been said so artfully!
Unique pit spots sounds very cool.

In addition to custom banners how about having your pit crew waiting around your pitbox as you come in (F1 style). It'll be an easy way of identifying your box (unless 10 others are pitting with you, in which case you'll have to look at the banner) and would feel a little more immersive than having some floating text. Might be more hassle than it's worth though, what do you guys think?

The major problem I can think of is what to do when someone decides to run their pit crew over
#21 - Jakg
pit crew are something for S3 i think, but the idea of a pit-box would be good, but then i say that if you drive in your pit-garage and turn off your engine, then it would enter your pit screen, and take down the garage doors to hide your car (as it may change!)
+ 1 Nice idea, i wish i was just as smart
+1. Definetly a way to find your box.
One slight snag - mrodgers highlights the risk of hitting someone as you don't know where they will stop. If you only see your pit banner when you pit it doesn't stop you hitting someone as you won't be aware of which pit stall is theirs if they are in the pit lane too.......

How about showing the pit stalls for anyone in the pit lane while you are there?

Other than that - deffo +1
#25 - Gunn
Good idea Maggot. :up:

Pit Box Skins.
(60 posts, started )