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Two Autox layouts I made
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#1 - Kosla
Two Autox layouts I made
First layout is from South Jersey SCCA august 6th event. It is not exactly the way it was in real life but its close.

Second layout is what I tried to make from a map I found on the internet. I wanted to try this course so I made a quick layout, then I added some extra cones to make it easier to follow. The map is very precise so if anyone wants to make it exact, go for it. I’m posting a replay so you can get an idea where to go.
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South Jersey autox 3.JPG
South Jersey autox 1.JPG
South Jersey autox 2.JPG
backtrack autox 1.JPG
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AU1_southNJ scca aug6 ax.lyt - 1.9 KB - 1072 views
AU1_backtrack ax.lyt - 1.7 KB - 833 views
autox layout lot7 Map.pdf - 54 KB - 412 views
Wagabundo_AU1_XFG_FINISHED_17.spr - 33.3 KB - 323 views

Two Autox layouts I made
(1 post, started )