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my first drift autocross video
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my first drift autocross video
i guessed as much, at least i know how now
#4 - Jakg
shift + f...
shift+f to remove the text on screen. Good first effort.

Damn beaten by a brit
will remember that for next time
thanx guys
Just me or did that car sound sick? kinda sounded like a leaf blower :/ ... Maby it was in the music ... no car should sound like that
nice one .. leaf blower

anyway.. for a 1st movie.. gj!!.. take the tips given to you.. and use em for next one .. practice makes perfect.

- Shift + F

- Shift + U to get some nice angles.

- Dont keep too long a sence, cut it, and put some inbetween.

- Take some music that you can make the movie scenes go with the beat...

that should do it till the next one
yeah i thought about the music but by then i'd decided just to wack any music in lol

yeah the car sound seemed to go a bit funny when i sped it back up in movie maker, same with the tyre screeching

thanks guys

also wats some decent video editing software??
I use Fraps to capture, Full-Size @ 30fps.
LFS: 800x600 16bit, and fps limit at 30 (Option>>Misc)

I use Adobe Premiere, add the clips and put them together, effects, music, all there.

I export, as Microsoft AVI. codec: uncompressed. at 720x576.

than i open it in Virtual Dub, go to Video>>Compressor, and i choose Xvid and you can play with settings to get the best quality, i used 4.0.

than File> Save as Avi (or press F7).

name it whatever, and it should be there.

I hope i didnt skip anything...

Video Programs:
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Sony Vegas
also Pinnacle Studio (a lil better than windows move maker).

Xvid and Divx
also some get good in WMP 9 Codec.

hope it helps!

thats what I did.. and i got this movie.

my first drift autocross video
(10 posts, started )