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Crossroads AutoX track from obscure
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Crossroads AutoX track from obscure
Hi, I've created yet another AutoX track, this time with a crossroads to maximise the length of the track. It might look confusing from the screenshots but trust me its easy just follow the arrows straight on at the junctions you cant miss em!

As with my previous track I have made a reverse version of this too (which actually might be even better than standard im yet to decide).

I have run this course with the LX4 and both directions are around 1.30 to complete and very fun to drive in that car, ill have to test it with some other cars too, I think the MRT would work well on this one.

anyway enough babbling from me, enjoy
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AU1_obscure_crossroads.lyt - 4 KB - 660 views
AU1_obscure_crossroads_rev.lyt - 4 KB - 453 views
...and here are my times in replay form, see if u can beat em

Im also thinking of holding a short league using my last two tracks and some more that im gonna make, would anyone be interested in that, would probably be in the LX4. (actually this might be better in the league section ill post it in their if your interested)
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test run cross.spr - 53.5 KB - 206 views
cross test rev.spr - 50.8 KB - 179 views

Crossroads AutoX track from obscure
(2 posts, started )