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Give your threads informative names
as im cleaning this up, i've had to rename nearly 99% of these threads of requests due to everyone naming them "i need a skin", "need a skin for a team", "skin request...", and.. well so on and so forth

so now that i have given everyone a specific section for requesting skins, please use it wisely.
Also, ask what car you want skinned. Almost every thread here people do not tell you what car they want skinned :doh:
This goes for 'render my skin'. Every time I see that thread I reflexly say to myself 'kiss my ass'
#4 - Bean0
Also, if you are requesting a replica livery then please provide some good quality (large) images of the original car.
:iagree:Oh and speak fluent english and at least try to make sence... It frustrates me when you cant understand anyone!:chairs:
can one of you do a skin of this helmet???

please help
thnak you
Make a request in a new thread, not hijacking a stickied thread! :doh:
anyone make skin to me? Plz! (XxzheevoxX) DELETED by Flame CZE : wrong thread
(Denny12) DELETED by Flame CZE : reply to a moved posts