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Drift Playground
I keep trying to host this layout that I made on my server but no one seems to be able to join so I'm posting the layout here. please test it out and distribute it. it's basically a fun playground for drifting. I left openings so you could go to any part of the playground without having to take all the hairpins. There's also a drag course for those who wish to do it. I setup cones so a finish not only involves a crash but you can see who won first by which cones fly up first. it's fun but I want to see it played with more people involved.
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pics update
Here's some pics of it...hope you like. the drag track is hard to see but it is kinda short...1/8th mile probably but it's just for fun anyway. keep in's 3 seperate tracks, drag track and skid pad but the 2 tracks in the back can be combined...the only reason for the gap is so people can get to the skid pad if that's what they want to do.
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where you put the .lyt file???? pls help!!
in the layout folder of your live for speed data folder
i mean how do you run them???? i put them into the folder now lfs\data\layout
#6 - Jakg
Quote from REamemiya :i mean how do you run them???? i put them into the folder now lfs\data\layout

you have to have an S2 license for it to work, but of course your "friend" has one...
WELL...I've started my server and have had nothing but positive feedback. it's called NRG's Drift Playground. it's dedicated and always up. feel free to drop by any time.
sorry about the server not being up lately...I don't have internet at my place anymore. I'm kinda screwed right now. I'll be back soon I hope so feel free to use the layout as you please.
!bump! some reviews please?
no reviews?
My Review
Pros: I like how you have the start a drag race (the start lights work as the drag lights :P)[PIC1] and having the cones are a great idea too.[PIC2] Once you are finished the race you are lead to (where I like to call) the "main" area[PIC3]. Roundabout is always good for people that like to drift [pic4]

Cons: You should have some tarmac room by the hospital to ride on if someone doesnt want to get in a drifters way.[PIC5] Tighten up some barriers (dont worry lots of people dont :P)[PIC6]. You should open up the barrier right after the drag end.[PIC7]

Score: / 10
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Drift Playground
(11 posts, started )