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Avoid the 49.7 day bug
Dear hosters, you can now avoid the 49.7 day bug.

That is, 49.7 days after starting, your host will hang and anyone on it will be stuck online and people who join are in "Queue position 1" until they press escape.

This is fixed in my version and so you will all get the fix in version F (hopefully in a week or two, depending what comes up).

Anyway, for now you can find out when your host was started and if it is near 49 days, you should stop it, and restart it (you have to wait 1 minute).

To see when it was started, hover your mouse over the green RUNNING text and you will see the UTC time and date when the host was started.

Why 49.7 days?
Well that is 0xFFFFFFFF ms (hexadecimal)
Or in binary, it's 11111111111111111111111111111111 ms.
Then time inconveniently loops back to zero, so in 1ms you go back in time 49.7 days.

Avoid the 49.7 day bug
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