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SyN FBM Cup and GP Championship

SyN FBM Cup & SyN FBM GP Championship

We are happy to announce that Team Synoris (SyN) organizes:

- the SyN FBM Cup: consists on daily FBM competitions.
- the SyN FBM GP Championship: consists on calendared special FBM races.

Rules and details are reported in the attached files.

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Current season:
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SyN FBM GP Championship Round 1 - Starting grid

Sunday 12.05.2024 20:30 CET

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SyN FBM GP Championship Round 1 - Race results

A great start to the SyN FBM GP Championship in Blackwood Historic.

The inaugural round of the SyN FBM GP Championship roared into action at the iconic Blackwood Historic track, setting hearts pounding and adrenaline racing for 65 thrilling laps.

With eight cars lining the grid, anticipation hung thick in the air for a spectacle of speed, strategy, and suspense.

From the moment the lights went out, the circuit was ablaze with fierce battles and unexpected plot twists. However, as the laps unfolded, the intensity soared, claiming four unfortunate retirements and leaving contenders breathless.

Puky vs Onies battle.

HiWATT surged to victory, employing a shrewd tyre management strategy and executing an unexpected two pit-stops strategy.

HiWATT on the way to winning the race.

Hot on HiWATT's heels, Puky dazzled with blistering pace, claiming fastest laps and setting a scorching lap record. Despite grappling with tyre degradation and a harrowing puncture, Puky's valiant effort secured a hard-fought second place.

Despite suffering a puncture Puky managed to finish 2nd!

Rounding out the podium, Gabri defied adversity, enduring a puncture and navigating an entire lap on a flat tyre with unwavering determination, clinching a well-deserved third place finish.

A puncture doesn't take Gabri off the podium.

Race results:

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SyN FBM Cup and GP Championship
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