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simple things (I think) that we need
I think that we can all agree... PLEASE DEVS we NEEEEED 8th gear and even larger transmission. This will absolutely change openwheel racing, hypercars, and trucks.
SURELY there is a way to add attachable/detachable trailers, that could change truck driving in cruise servers.
This one I would love to have. When I use a custom sound (Shift+A -> load) It would be great if it would show up with that sound file for others. And if we like each others' sound, we can always download it.
REV LIMITER. PLEASE, I dont think it's particularly difficult (again im not dev so idk) to add rev limiter sound, that can be adjusted like other sounds in Shift+A
This one might be controversial, but as a mouse player I am limited to to high powered cars. IK if TC were to be mandatory it would be problematic for league and multiplayer racing, but what if TC was always available in single player?

Edit: I reckon it’s also not too complicated to add a cruise control for cruise servers and mouse players Wink
Thank you for your time Big grin
no, 8th gear will not absolutely change anything, but would be nice to have.

re: custom sound, i definitely don't want to hear others' custom shift+A sound, besides potential for abuse, it doesn't really make sense to have identical cars sounding different.

you already have this

Splitting TC availability between single player and online makes zero sense too. But seeing as you are an S3 user, maybe you could solve this by creating a tweak mod with TC enabled?
I've been wanting an automatic gearbox that reacts given the throttle input, currently it only upshifts on an optimal engine RPM for racing.

simple things (I think) that we need
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