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Layout similar to Top Gear
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Top Gear @ Karting Layout
Last version of this Layout:
Some pics and youtube video:

(TG Track.lyt is the last version and it's a little bit different of youtube video).

Have fun
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AU1_TG Track.lyt - 4 KB - 1772 views
Some modifications of the layout (noel_cr) DELETED by noel_cr
please, always take the maximum birds eye view screenshots as possible... from the screens i can say that this lyt is nothing near TG track... but i can't see too much from it...
(noel_cr) DELETED by noel_cr
Nice layout. Took me about a minute to figure out where to go. Best time so far is a 34.3something on the new layout.
Quote from noel_cr :It isn't ... Top Gear track. The layout have corners similar to Top gear track, ok? read and suggest

i know... what i'm telling you, is that without some bird's eye view screens, we can't have an idea of the track before we try it out...
*big bump*
Where is gamebon on the old one?
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:elefant: 100 downloads!
nice track! and spanish creator much better
hehe thx! (gracias)
#11 - adin
nice work man, i like it so much
I made it some modifications for it will be more long , and a little corrections on bends. Maybe some people don't like the newest bends... but I tried to make it more "real".
(Last 2 corners aren't of TG track... :shrug

And this layout isn't made for drift... but if someone want to try maybe it's fun too.
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AU1_TG Track.lyt - 4 KB - 496 views

I really do like this track, really fun. Just a few comments for improvments

At the Follow Through, make the entry wider on the left side as you go in, as I seem to always hit it unless I lift off.

The entry to the next corner after the Follow Through (The tyres), make this wider because it is pretty narrow.

How about making the straight between Second - to -last and Gambon smaller?

Just a few ideas, but a great track!!

Awesome layout, one of the best layouts which actually look like top gears track =) so very nice job.
Is this one of the better top gear test tracks?

or Is there one better?

anyone care to make the TG Australia track???

Here is my version with a slightly modified last bit

Through Turn 2, go left of the tyres, then when back through Turn 6, go right and round the tyres. In a BF1, I can do it flat.

Through the final corner, I have shortened the straight.

See what you think, it is work in progress. Sorry for no screen shots

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AU1_TG Track3.lyt - 3.7 KB - 469 views
Her you have the Top Gear Track (flash) or Google Maps or Google Earth

The total length of the runway the Top Gear track use is 1 km and the length of the LFS autocross is nearly 0,5 km straight or 0,55 km diagonal. Conclusion : there is no posible way you can fit the topgear track on the autocross circuit.

If LFS (or someone else) could make an realy big square of concrete circuit ...

Layout similar to Top Gear
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