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#1 - Racon
PiranMOTO Trial of Champions #2: The Curse of Choice - Sat 27th Jan, 18:00 UTC

**PiranMOTO Trial of Champions #2 - The Curse of Choice**
**Saturday 27th January** at **18:00 UTC**

The long-awaited 2nd Trial of Champions is here!

A trial that will test your speed, your reactions, your offence, your defence,
your strategy and your luck as the cars grow ever more powerful. Random grids
will make short work of the delicate, and nobody in this trial is ever safe
from the curse of choice.

With the introduction of mods since the last trial there really wasn't any
other option for the theme of the follow up, was there? We will give you all
the vehicle choices you could wish for in a fight to the death!

We'll run classes including standard LFS cars and mods with plenty of options,
with a new class and track for each round. The tracks will follow the theme
too, each will have multiple choices to make... some easier than others.

Please note: *** REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED *** for this event, see below.

113 vehicles to choose from - see attachments for details!

Live stats at
PiranMOTO Discord


Entrants (unordered):
- [PM] Jam #616 (racon)
- [MRc] TimDC #1 (timdecnodder)
- [SO] LV (Latvian Video)
- [PM] Flying ET #3 (atthis)
- [SGR] Lord Jaguar #17 (lordjaguar)
- Jamin (o000o)
- Uber #69 (fasturtle)
- [RG] RD2 #99 (rallydriver2)
- [VM] Tzu #5 (notraii)
- Badmantru (Jaydem) *invite
- [S1DUS] Niko #133742069 (nikopdr)
- [VM] Dlocky (finland69)
- kyr1l #74 (Kyr1l)
- iiiiil #78 (iiiiil)
- [RDC] Alexey #53 (Aleksandr_124rus)
- [PM] Vitas #993 (giulio niewiadomski)
- [VM] DejaVu #09 (Laurynas683)
- O.A. (Omar1)
- [SO] DunoCZ (duno)
- Fwanky (Franky.S) *late join
- [SGR] kriszti (kriszti_09)
- [OK] Rauno (rauno002)
- [6S] Vilix (vilix)


Registration info:
40 places are available - in the case of more signups than spaces, priority
will be given firstly to previous TOC competitors, then DD competitors,
according to the highest score acheived at any previous TOC/DD event.
(check here: TOC DD )

5 spaces will be held back until the last week, for people who find it hard
to attend our regular Friday slot to get a score in. We know the world is big
and busy, and the call of the FOX is strong. Let us know if want in but can't
get to us in time to qualify.

To register: Just let us know the name you want to race under by reply in this
post, or in the #trialofchampions channel on discord. We will maintain an
official list in this post. Racing numbers are optional. Please include the
entrant's LFSname if you're posting on someone's behalf.

The entry list will be finalised at 17:00 UTC on the day of the event, and the
password sent to all participants via LFS Forum message shortly thereafter.
Please be sure to allow forum private messages to be received at this time, or
pre-arrange notification by discord.
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#2 - Racon
Here's a recap of the action from TOC#1:

...and here's the whole SimBroadcasts spectacular:
LFS username : 1 [MRc] TimDC
LFS username : 99 RG^RD2
lfs user name : Jaydem

I am one of the few that are unable to attend on fridays due to my work schedule but my saturdays are free. I would absolutely love to partake!
#6 - Racon
The finalised schedule is here!

Please note there are new vehicles and new restrictions to old vehicles throughout. Full class info is attached to the main thread above.
#7 - Kyr1l
LFS username : 74 kyr1l
LFS username : 78 iiiiil
LFS username: 53 Aleksandr_124rus
[PM] Vitas #993 (giulio niewiadomski)
#11 - Duno
LFS username: SO•DunoCZ (duno)