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Westhill Tarmac Rally Layout-Work in progerss
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Westhill Tarmac Rally Layout-Work in progerss
Since 2018 i was doing Westhill Tarmac Rally whit my own setup but this year i lost the files on my computer and started to make it from the start. Its a fun layout where you can do top speed tests or car testing etc.

It goes around the Westhill Track but does not go inside the actual track. Here is some screenshots for you all to enjoy!

Please tell me what you think! There will be more screenshots in a few days

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Fnish the main layout.

There will be 2 versions for now.The Normal Layout and the No Jump layout for the testing of cars whit low suspension.

I will release the layout and the link this day.

Here is the layout. I will do updates or new similar layouts so stay tuned.
Rally For You Update and Rally for You Gravel Layout is on the progress.
The Rally for you update is nearly finished so i will not talk that much about it for now.

Lets come to the Rally For You Gravel Layout:

The Gravel layout will go into the gravel roads of the westhill including Grass parts and a 0.2Km of the Actual track.

The Gravel Layout is much smaller compare to the actual Rally for you and you wont see times getting up to 4-5 Mins to finish the whole layout.

The Update and the Gravel Layout will be released before the Turkish presidential election (14 May)

If we look at the update at the Rally For You i done some changes so you can't go change your way to
finish the layout quicker.You will get a heavy time penalty if you try to do that. I made the pit section of the track better too.

Rally for you will be much more
optimized for better fps.

Here is some Rally For You Gravel Layout's Beta Screenshots hope you enjoy!
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Rally For You Update and Rally for You Gravel Layout is Out!

Westhill Tarmac Rally Layout-Work in progerss
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