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RSS\\Road Super Series - Round1
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#1 - cuni
RSS\\Road Super Series - Round1

Welcome to the first edition of the Road Super Series
WHEN: Wednesday, 4th January, Q@19:00 CET
WHERE: Westhill 2 Reverse
WHAT: Mod racing road cars


This will be a test event (possibly series) to drive some of the best road cars mods that provide the driver with a sense of the limits of the car in a natural format.
This event will enable drivers to race on the same platform and will be provided a racing set for the track. This is a test event to see how the community react to this format.


Some of the cars we will be driving are private, therefore, we need to setup a sign-up list of the racers interested. In case of a private mod, the car will be available for the contestants 24 Hours before the event.

Do NOT contact the mod creator for copying/modifying/inspiration etc


For the first installment of the Road Super Series each driver will have at his disposal a machine made in Germany, with a 2.5L strait 4 and 235hp from the late 80s. This mod was created with an extraordinary attention to detail that is on par with the real one, the suspension geometry, interior and the exterior of the car were handcrafted to represent (as best as possible) the real machine.Download SKIN here
With road tires, drivers will have to challenge themselves to the limit of the grip while managing the rear end around the corners, this will not be an easy feat with almost 90Km of distance.


Wednesday, January 4th
18:00 UTC / 19:00 CET / 20:00 EET - 60 minutes qualifying
19:10 UTC / 20:10 CET / 21:10 EET - Race start

60 min qualifying – Open Track
15 Laps Race – No pit required - F12 gives you the fuel consumption per lap

(around 35 minutes race)


Respect BLUE FLAG - You may not deny/block a passing maneuver of a faster car and/or try to overtake it right after. During Qualify - stay off racing line and don't disturb drivers on hot lap.!
Respect YELLOW FLAG - Slow down, cars ahead are possibly not pointing forward.
Cars out of track (white lines) must return to track pointing forward in the flow of cars, not perpendicular
No shortcutting in any way. 2 wheels must be inside the white lines.
Be careful while racing, avoid any contacts with other cars. No crashing, ramming or any other unsportsmanlike behavior at any time.
Drivers with high and/or unstable ping will be asked to leave if not improving it.
No voting for restart/qualification/end race after qualification start (unless command is given to vote for start).
Chatting during the race is not forbidden, but it's distracting for drivers. Use mindfully
Bumpdrafting is forbidden. If not following this rule, you'll get DSQ from the event


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Hi, where's the car?
#3 - cuni
Hey NENE, thank you for your interest. Im currently participating in an event, will do this asap.
Okay thank you, i've sending you a message on discord too! I'm really excited to racing Smile
Hi! Is there any additional info? Have signed up, but didn't get any
Como me registro?
RONY takes the victory in the Road Serie Special Event by Race Green, using the Bavaria A30!!

The veteran of the team used all of his experience to beat his two RG apprentices, NOSLE & the poleman LORENZO

This Green trio was involved in a three way scrap for large part of the race, but than [MRc] Texas joined the party, adding drama in the battle for the lead!

But in the end it was Rony who finished ahead of the pack, Nosle in P2, Lorenzo in P3! It's a RG 1-2-3!

Just outside of the podium the newcomer Redekisde, while Texas dropped to P5 in the end due to fuel issues.

Race Results

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#8 - cuni
Multiplayer Replay available here
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RSS\\Road Super Series - Round1
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