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police skin pack v2
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police skin pack v2
Smurfen Skin Production presents:

police skin pac v2, containing RAC, RB4, XFG and UF1 made these by request of Maxheadroom ho is running an Cops&robbers server. v1 with the other cars can be found here:
along with the Cop siren

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#2 - Zonda
Great Job Smurfen Thanks!
cool skins but

... what are you... kidding?!

all the robbers would see is just another robber comming over the horizon or wherever but then see the white doors... sorry smurfen, i doubt these skins are gonna fly anywhere
um yeah what car did you make the skin for?
opps sorry i didnt read it
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Download the ".rar" file in the first post. Unzip it.

You'll find 4 .jpg skin files. Copy and paste them in your LFS/data/skins folder.

The skins are for UF1, XFG, RB4 and RAC.

To see the skins in-game, select the car from the pits, click on "new skins" and selected the skin that you just saved from that list.

Take down the bad guys!
Make sure you HAVE NOT put any made skins into lfs/data/skins/data/skins make sure YOU PUT them into lfs/data/skins

police skin pack v2
(7 posts, started )