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Street Obsessions Racing League
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Street Obsessions Racing League
Street Obsessions - Racing League

All races will take place on the Street Obsessions server

Sign-ups accepted through the season

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The Street Obsessions Racing League is a for fun racing league within LFS using Faik Topo Cup mod. Races will be run on Thursdays with practice starting at 19:00 UTC

Every race is for points, the points table is shown below.

Season Standings:
(No bonus points awarded for any car)

1st 64
2nd 62
3rd 60
4th 58
5th 56
6th 54
7th 52
8th 50
9th 48
10th 46
11th 44
12th 42
13th 40
14th 38
15th 36
16th 34
17th 32
18th 30
19th 28
20th 26
21st 24
22nd 22
23rd 20
24th 18
25th 16
26th 14
27th 12
28th 10
29th 8
30th 6
31st 4
32nd 2
DNF / DSQ: 0

All points can be tracked in the spreadsheet, which will be distributed after the first round of the championship.


1:Follow the rules of clean racing:
2:Be on time for qualification / races (if a driver misses qualification they’ll be placed at the back of the grid)
3:No cheats / hacks of ANY KIND.
4:Respect flags, if it’s yellow be cautious of an upcoming incident.
5:Sign-ups necessary.

Signing Up

Sign ups are required for the league table, anybody can sign up at any time over on Google Forms (There are no team sign-ups)

Racing Calendar

Event Times

19:00 UTC - Practice (15m)
19:15 UTC - Qualification (15m)
19:30 UTC - Race Start

We've made an update to the times of the event. Please see above post for updated timings. Smile
We're coming up to our first race of the season and we are excited for it! A message has been sent out to all signed up drivers for people who are signed up and have not received a message please do get in contact with me with the username you used to sign up.

Remember to join in the SO Discord!
Hello! Firstly a thank you to every driver who attended, we had 17 on the starting grid along with 12 finishers, with some close tight racing, the car proving the provide a very compacted field throughout the race.

This post comes with two big updates!

Firstly an update around Stewarding and Penalties, in case any incidents happen on track we have opted to roll out a Post Race Stewarding system, utilising the tickets bot in our Discord server. Drivers will have 24 hours from the end of the event to submit incidents for review.

Secondly a modification to our points system, due to the amount of sign-ups and attendees within our first race we have made the decision to modify the points system to ensure people are properly pointed for their races, this decision was made as our current system only awards points for 1st-10th.

To ensure our points gap remains consistent throughout the new system and the old one, the points will be as follows:

1st: 64
2nd: 62
3rd: 60
4th: 58
5th: 56
6th: 54
7th: 52
8th: 50
and so on until 32nd at 2 points.

Race results will come in due course later this evening.

Remember to join the SO Discord!:
Hello! while we work on our shiny standings spreadsheet I have compiled a basic one at the current moment to enable drivers to roughly track their standings! (and look at their driver number!) ... mxNySTJ0/edit?usp=sharing

And the race 1 results are attached in the following image!

Thank you to everybody who attended in race 1, we'll be back next week for Westhill National!
We're gearing up for Round 2 of the Street Obsessions Racing League!

This round we're visiting the fast circuit of Weshtill for the National Layout, 25 laps of wheel to wheel racing in the Formula 60. Race 1 at Fern Bay Gold saw some great racing from the drivers, with a 5 car battle for the 3rd spot on the podium!

Password for tonights race will be sent out at 12:00 UTC approx to all signed up drivers.

We hope to see you all on track for the second round!

Remember to join the Street Obsessions Discord to stay up to date with SORL as well as our future events!
SORL Round 2 - Westhill National Results!

Hello! I apologise for the lateness of this post, after a tight race we've reviewed an incident report that was put in and as such the result will be somewhat different to the below image!

Qualifying Results:

Race Results:

Penalties of note:

D.Karlsson - DT Penalty converted to time Penalty (+18s) as such this driver drops down to 8th position, promoting Lalurux and Soini to 6th and 7th respectively.

Scoreboard will be updated in due course!
Round 3 Results!

I'm smart and thought I had posted this earlier this week, I forgot. My bad!

Race Results:

Penalties of note:

+5 Seconds to Lalurux for corner cutting. This does not effect the finishing order.
Round 4 Results!
The results of Round 4 are in!

Qualifying Results:

Race Results:

Scoreboard has been updated.

Very proud to announce that Sim Broadcasts and Street Obsessions will be hosting the final round of our season at Aston! This new partnership stems from a long term relationship between both the team and the people over at SBC. We're proud to join their lineup of already awesome race series.

Head over to their Twitch channel:

Look at their broadcast calendar:

Link to the Youtube Broadcast:
Round 5 Results!
The end of the season has come!

After 6 races of wheel to wheel action the final results are in and the championship decided!

Round 6 Race Results:

The Championship!

A big Congratulations to Onur (CRT7) For taking the title with a dominant season, winning 6 of the 6 races to be crowned Season 2 Champion!

The rest of the table was tight as well, with movement occuring throughout

New Season!

For Season 2.5 we will be running the Faik Topo Cup! All Information is in the Season Section!

Remember to join the SO Discord!

Hello! Due to a possible error in LFS's messaging system at the current time, the server password will be available within our discord, while I will try to send the forum message closer to the time.

Street Obsessions Racing League
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