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Here's a suggestion you probably gonna like...
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Here's a suggestion you probably gonna like...
Since we are still waiting on new updates, such as the improved South City map and the day-night cycle thing, what if the developers just unofficially released parts of it? Just like with the modding updates, players had the chance to download a patch manually, so they could play with mods, while the official update still wasn't out yet. The videos and pictures of the new updates seem promising, south city looks pretty done to me. If the other new tracks aren't fully done, that's fine. If the day-night cycle doesn't still work great, that fine too. But why don't they unofficially release a patch to get the new South City map, for instance? Yes, of course it may not be 100% finished, but if it's playable, I would like to drive on it, and probably lots of other players too. We've been waiting for so long now.

So my suggestion is to release patches of the unofficial/WIP/blah updates of LFS, and in particular the South City.
I am interested of car having slightly different head lamp colors. Would like to see some release patches of 1,24% offset colors of new head lamps.

EDIT: Not really... not at all... to anything. Release when it's finished, because finished is finished.
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Nah, release when it's finished. Patience is a virtue.
That's not possible I believe, since the new tracks are made for the new graphics, and look bad on the old graphics, and vice versa.
What bose said. It's my understanding that the maps are no longer compatible with the current build of LFS and need the graphics update to work. This is because the maps are entirely converted to new materials.

I think scawen have also said that it would be too much work to separate the WIP tire physics update from the graphics update to release one without the other.

Here's a suggestion you probably gonna like...
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