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Precision Raceway
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Precision Raceway(s)
EDIT: I am using this thread to also add other racing layouts i create. So be sure to check the whole thing!

OK here is an interesting idea I had!

It's named Precision Raceway, due to all of the corners being mapped out as accurately as possible.

It's quite a short and simple layout, however extremely tricky to perfect!

Here is an overview of the track. T1 is a massive 450Degree corner with tightening radius.

T1 in more detail. initially each barrier is 1degree more than the one next to it, results in a gentle curve. then after 90degrees, it doubles in tightness (2degree intervals) after 180degrees it tightens again (4degree intervals)for the remaining 180.

From there it's straight into a sharp lefthand (double again, 8degree intervals) and onto the rear straight.

Back down to the final turn, 4 degree intervals.

Layout file here.
Track suits MRT, and slow cars such as UF1, XFG, XRG. Faster cars cause more of a death trap unless the driver is really careful, TBO may well work ok also.

any comments welcome
sounds like a hell lot of fun
ure doing a great job with ure layouts mate and we had a hell lot of fun on our server ([ZWR]Practise) yesterday when we played your layouts with the UF1000

btw...i realy think this is going to be awesome with the FOX also im gonna put it on our server when im online this evening
#3 - wabz
And here's a pic of everyone doing it wrong illepall
<-- click

Tricky track!
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something just came up my mind:

omg this is also awesome drifting around with the FZ50
Quote from Belain :something just came up my mind:

omg this is also awesome drifting around with the FZ50

yes this track can also be drifted
Nice layout my friend. One question tho, How did you get those white highlighted areas when building the track?


the pic is just photoshopped to help show where the actual track is
got to share some layouts when im at home i see that many people like those layouts and i just think i have to share erm
looks very nice!
i like the way you have made the corners so smooth
Quote from anbiddulph :i like the way you have made the corners so smooth

Cheers, every single barrier on the corner apex's were placed with love

By the way, here's another course i made which was mapped out using the same accurate technique - the DOUBLE EIGHT of DEATH

makes for extremely entertaining UF1 racing with a full field of cars. other cars work ok too, and drifting is quite fun - non stop corner linking can be done relatively easy.
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AU1_takumi_double8.lyt - 3.7 KB - 476 views
you have made really smooth layouts
Sweet! Nice job on the triple 8! I was going to try my hand at making one myself for some "banger" racing on my ded. server, now you saved me the trouble. Keep up the great work on the custom layouts.
Great track as was said earlier it's amazingly accuratley put together, no nasty edges poking out.
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Wow! What a nice and precise layout! I'm a big fan. Do more layouts !
Quote from shadow2kx :Wow! What a nice and precise layout! I'm a big fan. Do more layouts !

Ok how about this one?

Technical course! 3 intersections and also a road split which gives racers a choice - go the slightly longer/faster way, or go the shorter/slower way? And most corners are right handers any car works here, i especially liked FOX.

please excuse the rough final turn, i ran out of objects.
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BL3_takumi_technical.lyt - 4 KB - 434 views
That looks awesome Takumi, damn!

Can't wait to give it a try
Do you use an externam program or is this all done in LFS shift+u mode?
all in lfs shiftU
Quote from Takumi_Project.d :all in lfs shiftU

Then i hate you even more

Very well done hopefully i can race this online sometime. The one you posted a few posts up that is
just realised the last layout posted stuffs up online, start straight isnt wide enough when there are lots of cars starting. will fix later
ok, layout file in the above post has been edited and updated works fine online, BL3 has a start grid which is 4 cars wide, it now fits

Precision Raceway
(22 posts, started )